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Mr Guy Pollard
Mill Lane
England UK

About Compact Storage Ltd

Compact Storage Ltd is UK based manufacturer of high density mobile shelving, mobile racking and compact storage systems for archive repositories, NHS hospitals, offices and libraries accommodating a wide variety of storage from file and box storage through to video, medical records, xrays and books.

BS5454 shelving solutions can be both static and high density storage systems and cater for the storage of valuable archive material for public and commercial archives including books, ledgers, photographs, film and map storage. Museum storage can include for ship storage, farm storage and historical archives in whatever form they may take.

Compact Storage also supply industrial storage in the form of racking, adjustable pallet racking and mezzanine floors and have been successfully installed in warehouses, offices, banks and museums throughout the world.

Our industrial systems can be tailor made to suit the bespoke nature of our customers requirements including mobile shelving systems installed above and below a Compact mezzanine floor structure giving maximum storage density whilst maintaining a high degree of accessibility. Electronically powered pallet racking has been supplied to banks for the storage of gold bullion and for museums storing items as diverse as ploughs and furniture.

Unlike the majority of storage companies in the market, we manufacture our storage systems, therefore ensuring continuity of supply, backed up by a professional team with ISO accreditation for quality and the environment.

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litestor - Light duty system for office, archive and smaller applications.
flexistor - Fully re-locatable system ideal for dynamic modern offices.
maxstor - Heavy duty system for larger installations.
Mobile storage systems - Can more than double the storage capacity of conventional static shelving or simply free up valuable floor space.
Increased capacity - More than double your storage capacity.
More space - Free up valuable floor space.
Improved security - Mobile storage systems prevent access to sensitive documents as the units can be locked against the adjoining one.
Improved access - Speed information that may have been stored elsewhere due to lack of space can now be kept in one convenient place.
Improved store management - Because all information is in one area, management is more efficient.

Decor - We can provide finishes to match your environment.

Accessories - Tailor made systems to suit your media.
  • Imaginative design solutions to meet individual needs
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Increased capacity through innovative design
  • Medical records
  • Library storage
  • Archive filing
  • Retail stock storage
  • Security vaults
  • Parts storage

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A mobile storage system is ideal for both paper and magnetic media. A Compact Storage system can be designed to accommodate and secure the different sizes and shapes of today's media, which can be easily updated should the size or format change. Multimedia Video Magnetic tapes Film Compact discs DLT tapes 3480 tapes Dat tapes.

The Deltastor range of static shelving combines functionality with rugged construction. Deltastor is competitively priced and infinitely adaptable as a shelving system catering for all storage requirements.

Compact Storage industrial systems provide solutions for a wide range of applications and uses. From small parts storage to high bay pallet racking our designers can develop the most effective layout for your application. Our systems can be adapted at any time to accommodate changing storage requirements. Adjustable shelving, Long span shelving, Pallet racking, Mezzanine floors, Partitioning and cages.

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Compact Storage multi-tier racking systems provide the most space efficient way of utilising the full height of your warehouse therefore maximising your profitability. Our systems are carefully designed to ensure the correct balance between storage capacity and operational efficiency and can be designed to accommodate a wide range of box sizes or other types of media.

Please visit our site for all this and much more

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