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Nathan Gladwin
Trent Lane

About Harold Potter Ltd

Harold Potter Ltd is one of the country’s leading heavy lifting equipment and overhead crane specialists. We also do crane repairs, maintenance, installations and removals of lifting systems and are industry renowned overhead crane specialists.

Harold Potter started in business in 1921 and quickly found that companies and individuals alike had a need for help with Lifting & Materials Handling solutions.

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As a result of solving various problems, some of which were complex and seemingly impossible, news soon spread of the services offered by Harold Potter & Co Ltd.

Harold Potter was not a big believer in advertising; more so he enjoyed the network of personal recommendation as a result of a job well done or “Potter will have what you need.”

In 1956 Harold Potter built a new factory on Daleside Road in Nottingham which became the factory and office premises.

Harold passed the business to his son, Richard Potter, who retired in 1996 and sold the business interests to Anmaro BV - a Dutch holding company for Swart BV and Holland Hoisting BV. It is here we get the tie-in to the Holland Hoisting products and the brand names of Masterlift, Black Bear & Baby Bear.

Lifting Equipment and Crane Services
At Harold Potter Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality of crane services we provide. We know that finding the perfect lifting gear at the right price isn’t always an easy job, so we do everything we can to help you.

And, once you have found the right equipment for the job, we know that it’s vital to keep your crane running. Not only do you have health and safety legislation to meet, but damaged or worn out cranes will be inefficient and may cost you time and money.

That’s why we have a full range of services to keep your lifting equipment gear running at full capacity for years to come.

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Our range of crane and lifting equipment services includes:

Crane Design and Manufacture

If you have an unusual location to work in or a highly specialised task for your lifting gear sometimes standard machinery just won’t do the job. We provide a design and manufacturing service for just these occasions.

Our skilled engineers will work with you to create equipment that meets your exact specifications – let us lighten the load for you.

Maintenance and Repair
To continue working effectively all lifting equipment needs to undergo regular maintenance and repair. Continued checks will spot issues before they become major problems and will help you to save money in the long run.

We can plan a maintenance schedule based on manufacturer’s instructions for you.

Lifting Equipment Inspection
Regular inspections on cranes and lifting accessories is a legal requirement. Harold Potter Ltd offers inspection services at an affordable price.

Obsolete Crane Spares
One worry for owners of second hand cranes is the supply of compatible spare parts. We have an extensive stock of parts from obsolete manufacturers so you won’t need to worry about this again. And if we don’t have your part in stock, we can manufacture some new parts from a pattern.

Harold Potter Ltd ImageHarold Potter Ltd Image
Harold Potter Ltd ImageHarold Potter Ltd Image


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