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Custom Audio Designs Ltd

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5 Ridgeway Office Park
Bedford Road
GU32 3QF
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About Custom Audio Designs Ltd

Based in Hampshire, Custom Audio Designs Ltd is regularly consulted by Architects, Builders and Engineers to find solutions for a wide range of acoustic challenges.

Clients represent blue chip companies, public sector organisations, leading architectural practices, music industry, film and TV, international motor racing, education, leisure industry and private individuals.

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We regularly review our policies, procedures and processes to maintain high standards of Quality Management and are certified for our Acoustic Services by a UKAS accredited third party.

Industrial Plant Noise
Commercial Modular Noise Barriers, Modular Sound Booths, Acoustic Louvers, Silencers, Noise Enclosures, machine/plant room linings

Generally it is best to engage an acoustic consultant if you have a need for an acoustic barrier or an industrial noise enclosure. Many common mistakes, or false assumptions, are made in respect of these items which can lead to their providing a less than efficient solution.

Soundproofing Insulation
Soundproofing Products and Acoustic Materials
We supply a wide range of soundproofing products and noise control materials for village halls, restaurants, pubs/clubs schools, offices, studios.

Acoustic Fabric
Acoustic Fabrics (Acoustically Transparent) in Fire Class1 and Fire Class0
A wide range of acoustically transparent fabrics with either a Class1 or superior Class 0 fire rating.

Sound Absorber Panels
Sound Absorbing Architectural Acoustic Panels
A wide range of architectural acoustic panels and sound absorbers for reducing excessive noise / reverberation levels inside rooms such as Village halls, Schools, Classrooms and Offices.

We also specialise in the refurbishment and/or repair of vintage recording equipment. Mixing consoles, outboard FX, synthesisers, amplifiers etc.

Reviews & Testimonials for Custom Audio Designs Ltd

5 star review
September 19, 2023
We had our first Exec meeting since the acoustic work has finished and I am pleased to report that everyone is well pleased with the work.

Among the comments were:
“we should have done this earlier”
“worth double”
“Well worth doing”
“hall looks really good now”

The last comment was made by an older member who wears hearing aids and he further said “I used to have great difficulty hearing the conversation around the table at committee meetings in this hall but now I could hear and follow every word” (we normally have about 10 – 14 people at our exec meetings around a large table ).
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5 star review
January 28, 2023
I've recently installed the ceiling soundproofing solution recommended by Custom Audio Designs in my main bedroom, small room and hallway, most of which lies beneath a bedroom in a flat above mine. With no insulation in my original ceiling, and no underlay beneath their carpet upstairs, I've suffered from sleep deprivation for almost 6 months because of antisocial behaviour from the neighbors upstairs. Now that the new floating ceiling has been installed I hardly hear the neighbors and I get a good nights sleep every night.

All the cost and effort to install the materials was forgotten after I got my first really good nights sleep 3 weeks ago.

Thanks for your help,
Testimonial by
5 star review
October 16, 2022
sorted - worked really well - took me 4 days - i'm more of a tortoise than a hare - reckon i've got a good 75% noise reduction on that wall so thats fine and i only used one layer of gyproc soundbloc.
I've placed another order for some more produce with you yesterday.
Testimonial by
5 star review
August 05, 2022
Just to let you know that the panels arrived safely on Friday and they are now up on the walls in our reception and look great.
Thanks for all your help
Testimonial by
5 star review
December 12, 2021
We have engaged with Enhance Acoustics on a number of projects to date and have found that they are consistently thorough and professional in their undertakings. We look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.
Testimonial by
Jason Cartwright
5 star review
January 10, 2021
Just brilliant. Used on several projects and find them helpful, courteous and well priced.
Testimonial by
Paul Cockerton
5 star review
January 23, 2020
We've just had our building tested for sound, and all 4 units passed. Thought you might like to know as we used your design and it was a complete renovation of a former-pub built in about 1780 which complicated things.

In fact, the airborne test was 50dB for floors and 48dB for impact.

The inspector was impressed!
Testimonial by
5 star review
October 29, 2019
this is just a bit of feedback on a double garage to studio conversion I did more than a year ago. I've been meaning to let you know that the results of using your products are simply fantastic, far better than I would have believed possible, especially considering it is a timber garage! We followed your instructions to the letter and I couldn't be more pleased.
Testimonial by
5 star review
October 10, 2019
Picked up the DFR72's yesterday, and got them installed last night. Really really happy, they have made a huge difference to the feel of my room, and the finish is far beyond what I was expecting considering I only went for the MDF option.
Testimonial by
5 star review
April 18, 2019
The improvement was huge, and one of the complainants came and whacked a tennis ball against and was suitable impressed how quiet it now was

Phew , a problem solved we hope
Testimonial by
5 star review
January 24, 2019
The panels were really easy to fit and the results are amazing. It has completely resolved our issues. The room feels more comfortable immediately that you enter it and the noise levels have reduced significantly.

Thanks very much for your help
Testimonial by
5 star review
September 27, 2015
I have just un-wrapped the printed panels and they are FAB! Thank you so much for all your patience with my indecisions over these. In fact I now want some more on another wall! Will choose some more images and be in touch.
Thanks again.
Testimonial by
5 star review
June 09, 2014
Can I take this opportunity in thanking you and all your team for all you have done for us. You guys are really knowledgeable in what you do and very professional! I have recommend you to the architect and obviously the builders were very happy so I am certain you will get more work from them.
Testimonial by
5 star review
May 30, 2014
just wanted to report back and say that your stuff really DOES work..!! The more space-agey it all gets, the more efficient it seems to become :-)

The vibration is more or less gone. I might go with another layer of membrane at some point just to fuel my addiction - also because we're at a stage now where 2dB actually is beginning to make a difference - but for now I'm happy report 'mission accomplished'.
Testimonial by
Custom Audio Designs Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.


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