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01793 771100
Mr John Branston
Owls Corner. 105a Top Lane
SN12 8QL
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  • Steaming Windows

  • Damp Clothing & Soft Furnishings

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Air in domestic places will always contain some water vapour. The amount of vapour in the air at any one time is expressed as humidity relative to the maximum possible in air at that temperature (RH). The maximum varies with temperature, as warm air has a greater water vapour holding capacity than cold air. If the temperature of humid air drops, such as when the heating is switched off, the temperature may fall below the dew point temperature for the water vapour content present and condensation will occur. This is particularly prevalent on the coldest surfaces, such as glass and damp walls and areas where stagnant humid air can accumulate, such as in built in bedroom cupboards. The condensation problem is increased if we increase the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere of our homes by:

  • Breathing

  • Cooking

  • Washing and drying of clothes

  • Using Calor Gas heaters etc.

One method of removing the vapour laden air from houses is by initiating a Condensation Solutions Recommended System.

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