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Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd

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01623 723 771
Robert Gavin
Unit 1
Ventura Court
NG17 7DF
England UK

About Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd

Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd is a leading UK based aluminium and non-ferrous metal bending company. We have the technology and know-how to bend the largest and longest aluminium extrusions that can be extruded.

ABS Ltd specialise in the bending / curving of all types of aluminium extrusions / sections for a wide range of industries. The range of markets ABS serves includes Construction, Architectural, Commercial Vehicles, Exhibition manufactures, Aluminium window fabricators & Office furniture manufactures.

You can rest assured that we’ve taken every step to guarantee the quality of our manufacturing process and we hold ISO 9001:2008 certification, we also comply fully with CE marking for the supply of glazed products.

Our unique method of bending allows us to bend pre-painted and thermally broken window sections up to 7000mm in length and together with our in house tool facility allows us to bend all the different sections offered by the UK and Irish system houses.

ABS Ltd also offer fully fabricated round fixed / pivot windows. Shaped, Gothic arched and curved headed windows are also available.

Aluminum Bending
Aluminum Bending Specialists Ltd is the UK's premier aluminum extrusion and non - ferrous section bending company. Aluminium Bending Specialists have the largest capacity in the UK. ABS can bend up to 400mm section size aluminium extrusions / sections on plan, and up to 700mm in sectional size on Elevation.

Thermally broken and painted aluminium window sections can be curved up to 7000mm in length. ABS can bend all the aluminium sections supplied by all the UK and Ireland system companies. The longest length we currently curve is 13600mm long Aluminium Bending Specialists combine the latest technology with highly skilled operators to handle your extrusion bending requirements.

ABS has a permanent and dedicated staff of 20 bending technicians / specialists that operate on a 2 shift basis. The work force have many years in the aluminium bending industry, and it is this experience, and expertise that sets the standard in the section bending market.

Curved & Arched Windows & Doors
Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd also fabricate different shaped windows, ranging from Gothic Arched, castle windows, and curved bay suntrap windows. All aluminium shaped frames are fully welded, and can be fabricated from any of the different aluminium systems available in the UK, as well as as ABS’s own sections.

The windows are finished to any standard RAL either single or dual colour. A clear advantage of the shaped windows ABS fabricate is that all the frames are welded. This offers a greater aesthetics in comparison to the standard cleating method, where visible join lines are seen.

Aluminium Round Windows
Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd now offer a bespoke range of Aluminium round fixed and pivot windows. The aluminium windows are fabricated using thermally broken equal leg aluminium outerframe. The frames are fully welded and these windows are all bespoke made and can be painted to any standard RAL either single or dual colour. As we powder coat the windows in house, we offer an avereage minioum powder thickness above 60 microns, which is more than double the industrial architectural powder coating standard.

The minimum diameter on a fixed circular aluminium window is 300mm and the recommended maximum diameter is 1800mm. On a round pivot window the minimum diameter is 600mm diameter and the maximum diameter is 1500mm. We can manufacture the round windows to any diameter within these specifications. The round windows can also have transom placed in them to offer designs such as a crucifix.

Architectural Powder Coating
Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free flowing dry powder which is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a skin. Once cooled the powder is set and forms a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

In order to achieve maximum protection from powder coating, a good surface pre-treatment is essential. Pre-treatments are used to remove oil, lubricated greases, soil and various other impurities. It can be done via a variety of chemical and mechanical methods, and the selection of the method will depend on the size and material of the product to be powder coated.

The majority of products that are powder coated by Aluminium Bending Specialists Ltd are our own aluminium round windows and/or shaped aluminium windows.

All aluminium sections / products can be finished in a wide range of RAL or BS Colours and we also offer a paint matching service to meet your individual or corporate requirements. We can also offer to paint the sections in dual colour if required.


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