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Antigo MHB Breakers Ltd

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01235 869 022
Joseph Grainger
Cobweb Buildings, The Lane
OX12 0EE

About Antigo MHB Breakers Ltd

Antigo MHB Breakers

Antigo MHB Breakers Ltd. are a concrete-pavement-breaking specialist equipped to provide concrete-pavement rubblizing, cracking and seating, and breaking for removal throughout the UK and Europe. Antigo Breakers operates Badger Breakers®, which are manufactured by Badger State Highway Equipment Inc. of Wisconsin, USA.

Our range of specialist services include:
  • Rubblizing

  • Cracking & Seating

  • Breaking for removal
Providing a complete and flexible service that is:
  • Cost effective

  • High quality

  • Innovative

  • Environmentally friendly
The staff at Antigo MHB Breakers Ltd. have years of experience in cracking and seating, pavement technology, and practical knowledge of rigid pavements and lower concrete road bases. This enables us to identify and recommend a suitable solution to any maintenance problem.

Cracking and seating or rubblizing offer real solutions to the problem of deteriorating concrete carriageways. These techniques can be used to extend the concrete pavements’ life by converting to a semi or fully flexible base ready for asphalt overlay, without the need to remove or replace any of the material. This allows contract periods to be shortened, costs to be optimised and carbon emissions to be minimised.

Following extensive inspection and testing of the existing carriageway, the management and maintenance contractor for the area, Scotland Transerv, a Mouchel and Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services Joint Venture, specified rubblizing as their preferred rehabilitation technique for a 2.5 km section of the A9 at Kincraig near Aviemore, Scotland. Rubblizing is used to convert an existing rigid carriageway to a flexible layer, which performs as a high quality structural layer within the new construction. As this was the first time Rubblizing had been used on a trunk road in Scotland, the designers produced an asphalt design based on the rubblized layer, performing as a class 1 foundation, and an overlay thickness of 260mm was used. A specification was designed for the rubblizing, with strict quality control measures in place to allow the engineers to gather as much information as possible.

Multi Head Badger Breaker® is used to convert an existing rigid pavement to a fully flexible structural base for new overlay.

Using purpose built Guillotine and Multi Head Badger Breakers®, we are able to offer Crack & Seat or Rubblizing for the fast track rehabilitation of concrete pavements, to convert a rigid pavement to a semi- or fully-flexible base for new overlay construction.

Each technique offers 100% recycling, reduced emission solutions by treating the existing pavement in-situ (and eliminating the need for removal of old), and import of new materials.

8600 Guillotine Badger Breaker® at Heathrow Airport. Cracking and seating is a fast track rehabilitation process for rigid concrete pavements.

Where site redevelopment requires existing concrete slabs to be removed, Antigo MHB Breakers can offer a fast, efficient and safe solution for the in-situ breaking for removal. Depending on client requirements, either machine can be used to break on average 4000m² per day for excavation and processing.


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