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Station Road
NP16 5PF
Wales UK

About Architen Landrell Manufacturing Ltd

Architen Landrell is a specialist tensile fabric company which designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains some of the world’s most inspiring tensile fabric structures, ETFE systems and fabric canopies.

With 30 years’ experience in the industry, an impressive portfolio of award winning projects and a growing list of over 6,000 structures in 48 countries, our track record speaks for itself.

Our goal is to realise your vision, no matter how ambitious.

A comprehensive range of tensile fabric systems for the inside and out, designed to inspire and excite you. Whatever you are looking for, we have an easy-to-specify architectural solution to your design challenge.

From simple play shade canopies, to complex fully insulated enclosed spaces, we create all-weather structures for any application. Tensile fabric structures have a way of bringing people together. There’s something energising about being underneath a canopy. Rain or shine, they create social spaces, allowing people to be at one with nature, while being safely protected from the elements. Their eye catching shapes stand out on the landscape of other forms of more traditional architecture.
  • Standard System
  • Thermal
  • LowE
  • Facade Cladding
Reduce solar glare and solar gain, improve acoustics or make a sculptural statement with tensile fabric interiors. Translucent, curved forms offer solutions ideally suited to many of today’s architectural environments. Since external environmental factors have no influence over the design and engineering, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Standard System
  • Acoustic
  • Sculptural
Look up and see the sky. Lightweight, bright, single foil or multi-layer air filled cushions. The smarter glass alternative. Walking through a space with an ETFE system overhead is exciting and ever changing as the day progresses.

From sunrise to sunset and into the night, the space evolves with a myriad of light, colours and dancing shadows. Being able to look up and out into the sky connects us to nature and moving from one space to another becomes an experience versus something to do.
  • ETFE Cushions
  • Architen Ventilation
  • Intelligent Printing
  • Architen Pixel
  • Architen Acoustic
  • Architen Control
Architecturally framed fabric ceiling panels with softly diffused integrated lighting. Adding subtle elegance to any space. Light and sound are two of the most important phenomena in any civilization. They have tremendous influence on our well-being whether we are at work or leisure. By being able to control the lighting and acoustic atmosphere, we can create highly productive positively influenced spaces.
  • Standard System
  • LED
  • Pixel
Few materials match the drama and interest of lightweight tensile fabrics. Using the natural qualities of architectural membranes brings curvature, translucency and clear spans to external and internal space.
  • PVC Polyester
  • Silicone Glass
  • PTFE Glass
  • ETFE Foil
  • Tenara
  • PVC Glass
  • Stretch Fabric
We handle it all. From concept all the way through to hand over, then maintained to protect your investment.

Tensile fabric architecture is a blend of both science and art. It’s a collaborative process with our clients with an end result of creating something beautiful and buildable.

Forces of nature be warned. All our structures are engineered for extreme weather conditions from high wind speeds to heavy snow loads.

Project Management
From design through to handover, we keep you informed about the development of your project making the experience hassle free.

In our 2,000m2 of production space, we use the latest technology to cut, weld and sew fabric panels into inspiring structures. We also test build mock-ups in our laboratory.

Support Structures
We are experts in designing thoughtful and elegant systems manufactured with steel, aluminium or even wood.

Critical to the success of a project is the skill and coordination of site operatives whose job is to install in sometimes challenging locations.

Architectural Lighting
Our structures ‘come to life’ at night. The translucency and reflective nature of the materials we use make them the perfect canvas for architectural lighting.

Protecting your investment and offering you peace of mind is important to us. That’s why we have a dedicated department to inspect, clean and repair structures worldwide.


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