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01233 505 909
Holland House/Crowbridge Road
Orbital Park
TN24 0GR
England UK
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About Boon Edam Ltd

Your Entry Experts
Boon Edam is your full-service partner offering expertise, service and a complete range of entry solutions.

We deliver a broad range of innovative, high-quality entrance products and services that meet our customers’ needs for efficiency, security and aesthetic design. Years of experience meeting a wide variety of demands allow us to combine our expertise with your professionalism, providing precisely the solutions you seek.

Customer Focus
At Boon Edam we visualise the entries within a building as mobility hotspots; a place that acts as the centre of activity for people passing through.

We work together with our clients to determine the exact requirements for the mobility hotspots in your building. From our vast range of revolving door and security products, we then develop a solution customised for you that takes into consideration three vital areas: sustainability, security and service.

Working With Us
All our services are provided in-house, allowing us to get to know you and your project. Our nationally based specification, sales, project installation and maintenance teams ensures you receive a fully inclusive service throughout every stage of your project:

Design & Specification
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Service & Maintain
  • Retrofits & Upgrades

High Quality
We are continually committed to providing our customers with the highest level of quality products and services. We therefore have a number of management systems in place to maintain and improve the experience our customers have working with Boon Edam.

We are proud to be fully certified for:
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • OHAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management

Product Ranges
140 years of engineering experience ensures that our products and services meet the strictest quality standards and will fit your requirements.

Our vast product range includes:

Visit our website for more information, and for access to product downloads.



Boon Edam Release the Half Security Portal - The Circlelock Combi

Today Boon Edam officially released their newest addition to the High-Security product range, the Circlelock Combi. A half portal that attaches to existing doors which can transform and entrance into a high-security entrance.

Capable of protecting against both unauthorised visitors, the Cirlelock Combi simply attaches to a current door which reduces renovation and construction costs dramatically.

"On authorisation, the portal’s interlocking door slides open allowing a user to enter the portal. An integrated security system confirms whether the user is alone and if so, the swinging door is unlocked, enabling passage into the secure area. A secondary biometric system such as facial recognition (by others) can be used to confirm identity inside the portal."

For Further Information, Please Contact:
T +44 (0)1233 505 900

Boon Edam Release Security Access Control Pedestal - Lifeline Boost

Today Boon Edam announced the official launch the Lifeline Boost, an access control pedestal that mounts onto current products of the Lifeline Series of speedgates.

The Lifeline Boost has come in response to creating a fully adaptable and integratable security solution that can tye into the popular Lifeline Series of products. The Boost allows those who are happy with their speedgates to extend their functionality in a 'Plug 'n' Play' method of installation.

Engineered with users in mind, it is ergonomic, stands at a comfortable height and features the classic tapered V-shape which is synonymous with the Lifeline Speedlane series.

The latest Lifeline Boost access control pedestal is available in two models:

Standard Premium: Suitable for the integration of a card reader, barcode reader or biometric devices.
Card Collector: Suitable to integrate a third-party card collector device.

In addition to accommodating a wide variety of authorisation technologies, the Boost pedestal is easy and fast to install due to its unobtrusive, enclosed raceway that can house electrical and ACS conduit along the surface of any finished floor. Its small footprint and sleek design complement the clean lines of the Lifeline Speedlane speed gate with minimal visual impact.

For Further Information, Please Contact:
T +44 (0)1233 505 900
Boon Edam Launches the Slimmest Single Wing Access Gate

Edam, The Netherlands – Today, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. announced the launch of the Winglock Swing, an intuitive, elegant new single wing access gate. This gate is specifically designed to either coordinate with the contemporary Speedlane Lifeline series (as an additional specialised lane) or serve as stand-alone single installation.

The Winglock Swing offers the user an effortless passageway with carefully thought-out, intuitive LED lights to guide even the most inexperienced visitor through to their destination. A combination of green, orange and red colours displaying static, pulsing and flashing signals effectively guide traffic through without any delays.
Energy Saving at its Best

The product’s developers have engineered sustainable operation on the lowest energy output possible so as to reduce the carbon footprint. Just 9W of energy is used in standby mode and 20W while in motion, a huge accomplishment considering the industry standard is an average of 200W.
Secure, Stable and Customisable

A new and substantial floor plate design alleviates the need for an additional supporting side post, which notably simplifies installation into the flooring. The gate comes standard in brushed stainless steel, but also has the option for a wide range of finishes or colours based on the trendy Business, Elements or Expressions series. Glass, colours and finishes can also be largely customised to suit your business and brand requirements.

Daan van Beusekom, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "There has been a gap in the market for a product which is affordable and accessible, and we have responded by introducing our sleekest access gate. We strive to provide simple and effortless user experiences through our products and are extremely proud that the Winglock Swing meets those requirements, and more."
Elegant Disabled and Wide Lane Access

Boon Edam is committed to comfortable and safe access for everyone. Free and easy passageway is guaranteed for wheelchairs, large luggage and trollies, making this lane a flexible solution to almost any space.

Visit to learn more about the Winglock Swing and BoonTouch interface security authorisation options.
Turnstile 100 to Feature on Discovery Science Channel This Week

The accredited Discovery Science Channel will be featuring our Boon Edam Turnstile 100 model on an upcoming American episode of ‘Machines: How They Work’ later this week. The Full Height Turnstile is one of our heavy duty security access control products ideally suited for perimeter security.
Discover The Show

The 30 minute episode will air this week Thursday 28th April 2016 at 10pm (EDT). Each episode delves into the intricate and fascinating ways in which everyday machines work. Using exceptional photo-realistic CGI animation, the show explores the intricate components of various machines and helps the audience understand how they are manufactured and ultimately operate after installation.
Security is a Hot Topic

This episode is set to answer the question: How does a turnstile allow authorised people to enter, but stop intruder in their tracks? The topic is hot in the world right now, with all eyes on security and helping people feel safe in public environments.

The building and assembly component of the segment was shot in North Carolina at Boon Edam’s Lillington manufacturing plant, and the turnstiles in operation are at Cree Research in Research Triangle Park (NC). The location’s primary reason for having this turnstile installed is to prevent intruders from entering their secure area.

“What an honor to be selected by Discovery Channel to be featured on this program,” said Mark Borto, Boon Edam, America CEO. “For many, a turnstile is nothing special, but the way this program explains the manufacture and use of the humble turnstile demonstrates there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.”

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the segment.
Our Improved Websites are Now Live

EDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – This month saw the launch of our improved, responsive websites. The need was born out of feedback from our customers and staff to include larger images, a fresh design and a better user experience overall – you asked and we listened.
Impressive Imagery and a Fresh, Dynamic Design

The most noticeable changes to the new sites are the considerably enlarged image sizes, easier navigation, improved user experience and responsiveness which means our site is equipped to be suitable for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. You can also be rest assured that our vital resources will remain available such as technical data sheets, BIM drawings, brochures and much more.

Wing Cheung, Online Marketing Executive, Royal Boon Edam International BV says: "We have already received very positive feedback from our staff and partners on the new sites – which we are enormously proud of. Prior to making any changes, we studied our visitor’s online behaviours and took feedback from our customers, staff and partners on-board. With these findings we conceptualised the new websites to ensure our visitors have the best experience and interaction with our brand".

We invite you to spend some time exploring what we have to offer and taking a tour through our visually stimulating portfolio. Our better browsing features make this feature fast and superior regardless of the device you are currently working on.

We are exceptionally grateful to our dedicated online team for all the long hours spent creating and testing our new digital home. As we write, they are already working on further improvements and features to continue to enhance the platform for us all.

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