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Regent House
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MK42 7JY
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About Casella Ltd

Casella prides itself on providing precision instrumentation since 1799, supplying eminent figures including David Livingstone and Charles Darwin with instrumentation for their exploration and scientific work.

As you would imagine, Casella has changed significantly over these 200 plus years but remains perfectly placed to offer reliable, trustworthy and credible solutions for Occupational and Environmental monitoring of noise and dust, with over 40 years of innovation in noise and 60 years in dust measurement.


Air Sampling
Exposure to dusts, gases and vapours in the workplace has the potential to impact on the short and long term health of employees. We have a range of instrument solutions to help manage this occupational risk.
  • Personal Sampling Pumps - Monitor your employees’ personal exposure to dust, gases and vapours with our range of personal sampling pumps.

  • Real Time Dust Monitor - Real Time instruments are perfect for assessing occupational risk. Make real time decisions or interventions.

  • Area and Site Monitoring - For area monitoring within a site to assess Occupational risk or to ensure compliance with legislation for your boundaries, Casella has a solution.

  • Accessories and Consumables - A wide range of accessories to support your air sampling applications be it dust or vapours and gases. Suppliers of low, medium and high flow air sampling pumps.
Noise Monitoring
Exposure to excessive noise is a major occupational hazard with prolonged over-exposure potentially leading to noise induced hearing loss.
  • Noise Dosimeters - Noise dosimeters are ideal for personal exposure monitoring.

  • Sound Level Meters - Sound level meters are ideal for short term noise measurements.

  • Environmental - Continuously monitor noise on your site with our site boundary monitor. Monitor noise, dust, vibration, VOCs, Windspeed and direction simultaneously.
Boundary Monitoring
When noise or dust becomes an environmental issue site boundary monitoring is essential. Multiple parameters can be monitored using one simple system.
  • Site Boundary Monitoring - Measure noise, particulate (e.g. PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) and vibration with our site boundary monitors. Available with mains, solar or battery power, we have the environmental montioring solution for you.
Vibration Monitoring
Manage the risk of HAVS by the using the accurate measurement of vibration levels from Casella HAVex vibration meters.
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) - Measure vibration levels with the HAVex meter from Casella.
Data Management
Support your use of Casella Measurement instruments with our range of monitoring software.
  • Software - Make our software an integral part of your environmental measurement system. Create reports automatically or manually with absolute ease with free software solutions. Airwave App allows for remote monitoring of our dBadge2 dosimeter, Apex2 and VAPex pumps with ease.


Products & Services

Environmental Monitoring

Inhalable Dust Monitoring

Area Dust Monitoring

Demolition Monitoring

Construction Monitoring


Digital Noise Meter

Noise Monitoring

Wearable Noise Monitoring Solutions

Noise Meter

Decibel Meter

Noise Recording for Analysis

Real Time Monitoring

Environmental Noise Monitor

Environmental Dust Monitor

Air Sampling Equipment

Respirable Dust Monitoring

Air Monitoring Solutions


Dust Detective

Third Octave Band

Control of Noise at Work

Noise Measurement

Hand Held Meter

Occupational Noise Kit

Acoustic Calibrator

dB24 Software



Boundary Compliance

Fence Line Monitoring

Monitoring VOCs



Real-Time Dust Monitoring

Sound Level Meters

Monitoring for Vibration

Occupational Health

Noise at Work

Noise Dosimeters

High Flow Air Sampling Pumps

Low Flow Air Sampling Pumps

Personal Air Sampling Pumps

Air Sampling

Asbestos Monitoring


Data Management


Rainfall Monitoring

Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)

Vibration Monitoring

Site Boundary Monitoring

Boundary Monitoring


Sound Level Meters

Noise Dosimeters

Accessories and Consumables

Area and Site Monitoring

Real Time Dust Monitor

Personal Sampling Pumps

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