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01844 354830
Mr Andrew Smith
128 Station Road
OX39 4WU

About Shore & Pour

We are an independent Plant Hire company specializing in Groundworks Support equipment, Concrete Skips, and related construction products.

Established in 2004, but based upon a far longer experience in the sector, we offer an understanding of our customers' requirements, and a commitment to service that is reflected in our response to your enquiries.

We can offer a free design / advisory service and would be pleased to visit your office or site, as appropriate, to discuss your specific needs. We find that early discussion of out-of-the-ordinary problems can ensure that the safest and most cost effective solution is found. It can often prevent a change of direction midway through the job, which can be both costly and time consuming.

On the following pages you will find details of the range of products that we currently stock, a range that we are constantly looking to augment based on customer enquiries. If there is something you require that is not listed, please ask us, as we can often obtain the equipment, or refer you to someone who can.

We are based in Oxfordshire, but have supplied to most of the South of England, Wales, the Midlands and East Anglia, so distance is generally not a problem. If in doubt - ask!

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Shoring Products
We stock a wide variety of products and accessories for your excavation requirements. These are available for hire or sale.

Shore & Pour offer a wide range of concrete placement skips to cater for all your site requirements, together with ancillary equipment to facilitate their use. All products classified as lifting equipment are supplied with a valid test certificate.

  • Column Skips - These heavy duty units are fitted with a rope operated discharge gate with a spring return system. This allows flow control from ground level while the skip is raised for pouring. The skip can be supplied with a flexible discharge tube, shown here folded into transit bars. This allows very accurate pours for columns. Lays flat for filling, and returns to it's pouring position, as shown, when lifted. Available in 500 and 1000 litre capacities.

  • Geared Coneflow Skips - A good general purpose skip for fast and accurate placement, due to it's conical shape. The geared wheel allows precise flow control. Lays flat for filling, and returns to it's pouring position, as shown, when lifted. 500 litre capacity.

  • Geared Rollover Skips - This is a heavy duty skip for both formwork and slab pours. The shape, together with the geared control wheel, makes it easy to control the flow precisely. The skip lays flat for easy filling, and returns to it's pouring position, as shown, when lifted. Available in 600 and 1000 litre capacities.

  • Self Discharge Boat Skips - These waste removal skips have a low loading height for ease of filling, and can be tipped by the crane operator without the need for a second person. When the bale arm is lowered to the horizontal, an automatic latch engages and allows the skip to tip. Lowering the arm again will allow normal lifting as shown in the picture below. Available in 1000 litre and 2000 litre capacities.

  • Twinflow Skips - A versatile general purpose skip which has a bottom discharge opening for mass concrete pours, and a side discharge chute for more accurate pours into shutters etc. The large U-shaped gate control bar allows easy operation. Available in 500 and 1000 litre capacities.

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