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Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd

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11 Main Road
Great Ashfield
Bury St. Edmunds
IP31 3HE

About Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd

Supplier of Corrugated Roofing Sheets, Metal Cladding and Steel Cladding

Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd have been established for 30 years, and during that time have built a successful business supplying roofing, corrugated roofing sheets, metal cladding, steel cladding, insulation materials including composite insulated roofing panels and accessories, based on exceptional customer service and recommendation.

We can supply a range of products including box roofing sheets, corrugated roofing sheets, metal cladding, steel cladding, composite and insulated roofing panels to any sector of the market whether it is for industrial, agricultural, or domestic use, for projects as diverse as the largest industrial building to the home garage or car port.

Our range includes steel, aluminium, or fibre cement in box profile, corrugated sheets, or tile form profiles. We offer a full range of standard flashings, or we can manufacture flashings to your own design. We are able to supply roof lights to fit almost all profiles in G.R.P./P.V.C. that conform to building and fire regulations. Steel and aluminium sheets are available in a choice of approximately 20 colours and a choice of coatings from plain galvanised to plastic, for durability and long life. Non-prime and slight seconds materials are always available.

Industries catered for
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Domestic

A range of high quality steel profiles for roof or wall applications. Architectural trends, particularly in the form of low pitch roofs, have dramatically altered the appearance of the industrial landscape in recent years.

Although visually more attractive, the low pitch creates increased demands on the roofing and cladding panels in maintaining adequate water drainage and weather tightness.

Tile Form Sheeting
Our Dutch Tile effect steel roof sheets are designed to give that traditional tiled roof look with the benefits and ease of installation of modern coated steel sheeting.

Our classic Pantile form roofing sheets are available in a 0.5mm gauge single skin sheet, in custom lengths up to 6 metres with a 1.100m cover when lapped or as an Insulated Panel system with core depths between 40mm – 100mm and a standard lapped cover of 1.000m. As well as being strong and low maintenance they offer a lightweight, easy to handle solution to meet the specifications of your roofing project.

Insulation Systems
Liner Panel Insulation Systems For Use With Current Modular Building Techniques. A comprehensive range of insulation systems is available for any type of installation, including rigid board insulation, composite panels, all types of fibreglass and rockwall. Current industrial building practices place a major emphasis on the thermal efficiency of individual building components.

Composite Panels
PWS Composite Panels incorporate the very latest technology to meet current building regulations, and the often more demanding design requirements of specifiers and installers.

Care In Handling
A guide to on-site handling and cutting of profiled steel sheets. All PWS profile sheets are manufactured from pre-coated steel. Throughout the manufacturing process great care is taken in the production, handling and storage prior to dispatch.

To ensure that you get the best possible results from your PWS profiles, equal care and attention must be provided on-site in handling and storage.

Steel Fixings
A complete range of fixings. PWS supply a comprehensive range of fasteners for both insulated and single skin applications onto steel or timber purlins. All our fasteners are manufactured from high quality, cold forming steel, heat treated to give mechanical strength and excellent drilling qualities.

Screws are mechanically coated with zinc with a dichromate passivation for added protection. Special high performance coatings are included on some parts.

Fillers & Lighting
Filler blocks and translucent glass fibre sheets for system buildings. All accessories, lighting and fixings are available for any application.

Flashings & Gutters
A complete range of flashings for use on all system design buildings. Flashings can be purpose made to any shape and size, we can also provide Z purlins and the extensively used sleeved purlin system.

It is important that flashings and trim are versatile and practical, but perhaps the ability to enhance the appearance of any building is of prime concern.



Thirty years in business has taught us much, but one lesson that has always stood out is that customer satisfaction is the key to success. To this end, we have made it our mission to give nothing but the best when our clients need something from us. With a versatile range of products and a delivery service that’s available to almost anywhere in the UK, we are the people to call if you’re in need of roof or wall profiles.

Roof profiling has been used on properties all over the world and there are good reasons for this. Possessing high strength and being rather lightweight, profiles offer advantages over a wide array of other materials. The different styles mean they can be used on industrial, rural and commercial structures, and homes in some cases too.

Corrugated profiles are a variation that remains a dependable product to this day. These products can be added to both the walls and roof of a building, and depending on how one makes use of them, they can reflect traditional or more modern architecture. The materials can be very high quality and long lasting. They are also generally easy to replace if they become damaged.

At Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd, we supply a very broad product range including a selection of profile options that meld wide troughs together with astounding aesthetics to create something spectacular. Coming in both insulated and composite form, our panels are the perfect addition to any structure. We can satisfy both large and smaller orders, catering for domestic, commercial and agricultural properties of differing sizes.

If there’s anything that we can assist you with, please do get in touch. As previously mentioned we strive to deliver the best customer service and see that all requirements are satisfied.
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Fillers & Lighting

Steel fixings

Composite panels

Roofing sheets

Insulation systems

Tile form sheeting

Metal roofing sheets

Box Profile

Insulated sheets

Corrugated metal roofing

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