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Mr Nick Smith
36 Foxbrook Drive
S40 3JR
England UK
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08:30 am-05:00 pm
08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm

08:30 am-05:00 pm



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About Nick Smith Associates Ltd

Nick Smith Associates is a specialist exterior lighting consultancy set up by founder Nick Smith in July 2004. The company is based in Chesterfield but operates all over the UK.

Nick Smith Associates principally carries out street lighting design, highway lighting design and sports floodlighting for clients who require a lighting designer or lighting consultant to deal with the lighting requirements associated with their project.

Whether its either private, secured by design, BS5489 or to adoptable section 38 lighting design standards.

Why Choose Us?

  • Lighting Design
    Our Lighting Consultants and Lighting Engineers have been involved in the lighting industry doing street lighting design and road lighting design for over 25 years, and have experience in most disciplines within the lighting industry across the UK. At Nick Smith Associates we offer the complete lighting design solution.

  • Training
    Nick Smith Associates can now provide CPD accredited training courses. We offer training courses in all forms of lighting design and theory, but specifically covering exterior lighting design. We also tailor training courses to the client’s specific needs. For more information, please contact Nick Smith.

  • Exterior Lighting
    We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly but also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done correctly.

Exterior Lighting Design
Lighting design is a specialist area of the construction industry. The core business of Nick Smith Associates is to provide a complete lighting design service to other organisations within the construction industry. Clients currently include:
  • Housing developers
  • Property developers
  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Local authorities
  • Civil engineering consultants
  • Lighting and civil contractors

Sports Lighting Design Services
Nick Smith Associates can provide lighting and electrical design services for sports lighting projects. We have recently completed lighting design work for the legacy phase at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. The work included track lighting for the national cycle circuit and BMX track, which were redesigned. The work included reusing columns already available with LED lighting for the national circuit and high-performance floodlights for the BMX track.

Impact Assessments
An increasing part of the Nick Smith Associates workload is the completion of lighting impact assessments, providing an independent view outside the manufacturer and client base. This work can often form part of an environmental assessment. It may also be to simply corroborate or refute concerns of local residents, the local planning authority or other concerned parties that the new lighting installation may create “light pollution” and as such affect their current living or working environment.

Desktop studies are normally carried out prior to the site visit. Where necessary, calculations are carried out to determine the extent of any problems. The data and extent of any problem can then be understood and recorded on site.

The company has acted for local authority planning departments to assess planning applications, for developers wishing to install an installation and for manufacturers supplying the equipment to be installed. Assessments associated with sports lighting are also undertaken.

Nick Smith Associates can now provide CPD accredited training courses. We offer training courses in all forms of lighting design and theory, but specifically covering exterior lighting design. We also tailor training courses to the client’s specific needs. For more information please contact Nick Smith. Nick Recently launched a YouTube channel called "Nick Smith Associates Training" specifically covering help with Lighting Reality. If you have any question or topic to be covered please email



My Lightbulb moment, Ramblings of an on line trainer

During the weeks of lockdown, we all of us had to embrace different forms of working and, for many of us, different forms of learning, too. But, for me, the 'lightbulb moment' that totally changed my approach to training and thinking around CPD happened well before the pandemic, back in 2017.I was casually speaking to someone who I had asked to research a topic for me. Being of the internet generation, the first thing he had done was to reach for Google, Then YouTube.
As someone who had up to then always taken and provided training on a face-to face basis, the conversation stuck with me; how comfortable he had been about using online tools to solve a problem or improve his practice, how it had been his default approach to problem-solving and, crucially, how easy it had been to do.
Some months later I came across a support problem with a user of Lighting Reality who could not understand masking and the different layers available.
I had explained it by phone and email. But he was still not confident. How could I resolve this? I took a deep breath and recorded my first YouTube tutorial. Later, and I suppose as a result of that first venturing into the world of online training, a few of my face-to-face students contacted me asking if the Lighting Reality training could be taken online?
So, back in the summer of last year I started recording tutorials to enable me to offer the course completely online on their tablet, iPad, phone, laptop or any internet-enabled device, so the students could still undertake the training without the need to travel to avenue.
The bundled course now has more than 70 tutorial videos, covering seven hours of video material, ranging from anything from two minutes in length up to 35 minutes. Without wanting to make this too much of a 'plug', it is published through Thinkific or just search for me under 'Nick Smith Associates training'.
For me, the revelation of that first tutorial - however bad it now seems technically when I look back - was that, just like the time before, it had worked; the user went away understanding the process.
Some three years later, I have a thriving YouTube channel with support videos in the use of Lighting Reality and other topics (through In fact, I have recently recorded a suite of all-new videos.
I've embraced a range of learning tools and platforms. I learn from tutorials on Evernote ( and Todoist ( I use the Autodesk website ( for AutoCAD webinars on new software releases and tools I need more help with. I use (and rate) platforms such as Udemy (, Vimeo ( and Thinkific (, as well as You Tube, obviously. I should also mention an old school friend who is now an English teacher in South Korea, Carl Pullein. Carl introduced me to Evernote and Todoist and has some excellent tutorials on YouTube or at
Equally, I have used YouTube videos and online courses by Steve Dotto ( to learn how to 'capture' the screen when preparing videos.
Because of the pandemic, we've all suddenly had to embrace digital and video communication, conferencing, webinars and training. The ILP too has started down this route, in part again because of the lockdown restricting access to face to face training, although it was a transition that was already underway. Online training is the future and it is evolving and improving all the time. What I have learnt since 2017 - and what, imagine, has become clearer for all of us over the past few months - is that, as lighting professionals, we should never be scared of trying out new ways of working and new ways of learning. I am sure there will probably always be a place for face-to-face CPD and training, but it should not because of either/or
For me, it was that conversation three years ago that lit the spark. But, for all of us, I strongly believe the idea of 'blended' learning where, as a professional in your field, you take advantage of training and CPD across whatever multiple platforms or formats work for you has to be very much the way forward.

Nick Smith IEng FILP MIES

Nick Smith recently launched a You Tube channel called "Nick Smith Associates Training" specifically covering help with Lighting Reality. If you have any question or topic to be covered please email
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Nick Smith Managing Director and Lead Designer 01246 229444

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