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Mr Mark Hanson
Suite 5 LMH Business Park
Harlescott Lane

About Medal Heating

Medal Heating are specialist trade distributors of Low Energy Heating Systems utilising heat pump technology. We will also work with end users to specify the right heating systems.

Heat Pumps can help you reduce the running costs for your heating and lower your carbon footprint. We offer a full range of heat pumps and associated technology.

We are specialists in supplying and applying heat pumps, which are proven technology in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector but relatively new in the heating sector.

Plumbing or Refrigeration
Heat Pump heating systems combine plumbing and refrigeration technology. Both are very different markets each with their own skill sets and legislative environments. Our aim is to bring together trade installers in both distinct markets to enable each to take advantage of the distinct benefits.

Heat Pumps
A heat pump uses proven and mature technology to produce heat much more efficiently and with significantly lower carbon output than conventional heating systems such as oil, gas, coal or electric resistance heating.

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How much more efficient
Conventional heating systems either burn fuel, with the inevitable loss of some energy through the chimney or flue or use electrical energy directly through resistance heaters. They can be as low as 60% efficient but can never be greater than 100% efficient.

Heat Pumps (reverse cycle)systems use refrigeration principles in reverse; exchanges "cold" for "hot". Typically 1 kWHr of electrical energy can be used to produce between 2 and 4kW of useable heat. This can reduce your energy costs by between 50 and 75% when compared to electric heating systems and between 40 and 60% for combustion fuels.

Products & Services
We supply a full range of energy efficient heat pump heating systems
We also supply a full range of low temperature radiators, fan coils and solar panels. These combine to low running cost and energy efficient solutions to your heating demands.

End users
We can work with you to ascertain the best solution for you to reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint. We supply via a national network of specialist contractors who can ensure you are fully compliant with the relevant legislation.

While DIY customers naturally want to reduce their installation costs by doing as much of the work required themselves there are significant Health & Safety concerns and legal issues where installing heat pumps is concerned. Many of our specialist installers are able to work with you to achieve a result that meets the legal requirements and protect your investment. This also allows you to be involved with the installation whilst reducing some of the costs.

We are keen to encourage partnership arrangements between Plumbing and Air Conditoning Contractors.Heat Pumps use refrigeration technology which is subject to different statutory requirements. We work with our established Client base in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry to be able to offer you the right service and skills required by each project.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Installers
In the same way that refrigeration is outside the core skill base of many heating companies, many aspects of plumbing and domestic hot water installation can require specialist input. We can assist with helping you outsource this aspect.

We are open between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

Please visit our website or contact us for more information.
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