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About Edge Enviro Services Ltd

The Edge Group were founded over 25 years ago out of the belief that a proactive approach to our environment ensures its protection world-wide. We are still working towards that belief. By maintaining close links with the Environment Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and other major organisations we can ensure that we continue to PROTECT.

We already provide the marine industry with training, chemicals and spill kits. Training is imperative to prevent any long term damage to the eco system of our seas. Many UK ports and harbours benefit from our knowledge and our contingency planning and will assist should they have a spill in their waters.

We have found over the last ten years many land based companies also recognise the importance of knowledge in a crisis which has led to the expansion of our remediation and site investigations.

Our staff training epitomises our understanding that environmental issues need to be tackled with respect for our surrounding environment to ensure that future generations will not be cleaning up after us!

Edge specialise in the following areas:
  • Oil Spill Clean Up
  • 24hr Oil & Chemical Spill Response
  • Contaminated Land Remediation
  • Tank Cleaning & Decommissioning
  • Site Investigations, Survey and Auditing
  • Pollution Control Training

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Oil Spill Clean Up
Spills do happen, and it can be the most simplest things that cause them!
Had a spill and need assitance? Give us a ring on 0800 970 2112.

24hr Emergency Response
When disaster strikes panic usually sets in! For this reason we offer comprehensive and immediate action.

Oil will not wait: once it is spilled it begins to move. A land spill will begin to seep into the ground or water courses and at sea it soon washes up on to our beaches. This can have disastrous consequences. Sometimes it can take many years to locate the whole spill if it is not dealt with correctly at the onset.

Site Remediation
Once you have decided that we are the best people for the job we live up to that expectation. From start to finish you can remain confident that you will be kept fully informed of what we are doing and what is required. Our remediation staff are fully aware of the inconvenience of them being there and causing you, we will co-operate fully with your needs. And their training will ensure that once they leave you will have peace of mind.

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Tank Cleaning & Decommissioning
For many years Edge has been cleaning various type of tanks, although the majority are usually hydrocarbon containers, we have cleaned many chemical containers. i.e. resin, ink, glue tanks aswell.

Our service can included the cleaning, removal and sampling underground tanks, removal of sludge etc. Industrial tanks can range from 1 to 50+ tonne which ultimately require decommissioning at the end of there life. As each job is different Edge provide an initial survey and provide options for the best and environmental way of decommissioning and removing disused tanks.

Site Investigation (Contaminated Land)
Appreciating the headaches that the need for site investigations brings allows us to make the operation as painless as possible. Edge Enviro Services can provide a fully comprehensive service as good as any painkiller!

As always the ecological and environmental effects are of utmost importance, which gives peace of mind over any future liability or ongoing problems.

We understand that each investigation has to be tailored to meet individual needs. Should it be required we will provide a desktop study to allow an in-depth understanding of the area, along with the options of window sampling, auger drilling, groundwater monitoring, soil gas vapour monitoring and risk assessment.

Training & Awareness Courses
Here at Edge we believe that in-house training is essential. Therefore all of our staff go through rigorous training to ensure that they can respond to our customers needs sympathetically and professionally. Our on-site training room and harbour facilities bring equal quantities of theory and practical experience. This provides us all with invaluable and immediate knowledge of new legislation and equipment.

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