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01933 276 734
Nick Williams
22-28 Meadow Close
Ise Valley Industrial Estate
England UK
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About Efco UK Ltd

> For decades, EFCO has innovated new ways to solve challenges faced by concrete construction professionals worldwide. Our highly engineered concrete forming and shoring equipment meet the highest standards in safety, improving efficiency and protecting your budget. Between training, field support, and effective design, EFCO has the lowest in-place concrete cost in the industry, making our products your best bet to support your demanding project schedule.

> Safe and efficient concrete forming and shoring equipment allow your team to bring the project vision to life. We work to find a solution to fit the needs of any project. Our formwork, dedicated field service support, and highly engineered drawings are just a few of the reasons we have become one of the leading choices for concrete formwork worldwide. You dream it, we will provide solutions for you to form it and live it!

> With second-to-none field service support in the concrete forming industry, you will always have an expert available to help stage equipment and explain assembly. Your engineer, field supervisor and plant manager will be available as your point-of-contact for the duration of your project.

> Our technical drawings accurately depict all components of the shoring and forming systems. These easy-to-understand blueprints serve as helpful resources, giving a clear view of real-life applications.

> All of our forming and shoring systems are intentionally designed for easy assembly and progression throughout the project. This improves both the safety and productivity of your team. Thanks to efficient, easy-to-use formwork, we offer the lowest in-place concrete cost in the industry.

> Since EFCO opened the doors to the Concrete Construction and Forming Institute in 2002, we’ve had over 5,600 people from over 900 companies make their way through our state-of-the-art education and training facility. This includes working with our customers to demonstrate how to effectively and safely use our products and providing hands-on learning for your team. We have the facilities to demonstrate how our products are made and how they are used in the field.

> EFCO sales offices are located across the globe. Our team strives to make your construction project more efficient, faster, and safer to provide you the Lowest-In-Place-Concrete Cost.
In the concrete construction business, we know all projects start with an analysis and design of a forming and shoring system that meets the requirements of the project. Your EFCO representative will listen to your needs and help you identify the best forming system for your construction project. Our specialized formwork engineers and field supervisors work together, combining their professional talents. From the bidding process through engineering and the return of your formwork‚ EFCO sales support continues long after the contract is signed.

> Innovative, high quality forming products are manufactured at the site of EFCO’s home office in Des Moines, Iowa. This manufacturing technology stands out from competing systems in the market, especially in safety. EFCO’s current products will cover your forming and shoring equipment requirements for concrete construction.

> EFCO is working successfully worldwide because we have real value to offer! One thing in common to all countries and all cultures is the recognition of value and high-quality products provided and delivered by EFCO. Distribution warehouses are located worldwide, and our plan is to under promise and over deliver.

> Our founder, W.A. Jennings led a legacy of engineering achievements beginning in 1934 with more than 25 patents. Mr. Jennings and his three sons proudly displayed an entrepreneurial vision and passion that excited investors and employees alike. We now recognize this vision as our core ideology: provide customers with the best value and lowest in-place concrete costs.

In 1937, EFCO opened the home facility at 4301 Northeast 14th Street in Des Moines, Iowa where Economy Forms were manufactured and sold. The location was the home office of Economy Forms for 55 years until, in 1992, EFCO moved into the EFCO Center on Broadway, just minutes away in Des Moines.

Today, EFCO’s engineering base is far broader, as it consists of some of the best engineers worldwide. We are proud to be known for our innovation and inventive engineered solutions for concrete support and forming construction.

Reviews & Testimonials for Efco UK Ltd

5 star review
September 11, 2023
As far as formwork goes, there is currently no one better in the UK market - we highly recommend.
Testimonial by
K Harrison - Contracts Dept
5 star review
May 15, 2023
To put it in simple terms, EFCO are without doubt the most professional formwork company we have ever worked with, thanks for all you have done.
Testimonial by
J. Barry
5 star review
February 02, 2023
Having researched online Efco was always the stand out company, so pleased we chose to work them on our projects in the UK.
Testimonial by
Ian Godden
5 star review
March 23, 2022
Top service as always from the team at Efco!
Testimonial by
William Smith
5 star review
February 04, 2021
A great system, well explained and easy to follow drawings to follow.
Testimonial by
Ryan Clarington
5 star review
November 04, 2020
Leader in the industry, look up their credentials is all i can say. Anyone taking on a big project should use all resources, this company brings the lock down best.
Testimonial by
Chris Robi
5 star review
March 02, 2020
The entire project team sees that health and safety culture and performance is a key contributor towards achieving engineering excellence and the world class quality standards required on these class 1 nuclear structures. The active involvement and buy-in of our supply chain members is an essential enabler to realizing this goal. The EFCO Management Team and field engineering support on this project has ensured that this high bar is a realistic target which can be met in a safe and efficient manner.
Testimonial by
Rick Kopec, Contracts Manager, Klinbridge Construction
5 star review
October 02, 2019
We decided to use the EFCO jump system because of limited availability of cranage due to the steel frame contractor’s program running parallel to the RC works. The EFCO jump required fewer lifts than other manual jump systems, allowing us to share the crane and still achieve our six-day cycle.

It would have been difficult to achieve this particular project using another system without changing to a hydraulic jump due to its hybrid design.
Testimonial by
Davie Moloney, Project Manager at Realtime Civil Engineering, Ltd.
Efco UK Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings.


Pooley Bridge on the Southern end of Ullswater, United Kingdom

Outstanding Beauty
In the heart of the Lake District, an area of outstanding natural beauty in the North East of England, lies the small village of Pooley Bridge on the southern end of Ullswater. It takes its name from the bridge over the River Eamont. Until the arrival of Storm Desmond in December 2015, the village was served by this historic bridge originally built in 1764. When the water from the storm subsided, the bridge was lost and the process to design and build a suitable replacement had begun.

Bridge Design and Construction
The winning design was a prefabricated 495 ton (450 Tonne) architectural stainless steel and concrete, two-lane road bridge with a 132' (40?m) clear span that would form the US$?6.2m (£?5m) cornerstone of the local council’s program to recover from the storms.

EFCO UK was approached by Betts Construction to provide solutions for the cast-in-place abutments, support to the steel structure during erection, and falsework support to the complex lower concrete arch prior to the completed structure being lifted into its final position. Using a combination of HAND-E-FORM®, SUPER STUD®, PLATE GIRDER® and E-Z DECK® systems, EFCO UK was able to respond to the challenge of this unique project.

The UK team is very proud to have been involved in this landmark structure and hope it is enjoyed by hikers and holidaymakers for another 250 years, or more. ?
Hinkley C, third reactor set at the site in Somerset, United Kingdom

New Fleet of Nuclear Stations
In order to provide energy security and prevent power shortages, the United Kingdom is working towards complete decarbonization of the power generation sector by 2050. The government has commissioned a new fleet of nuclear stations and, at the same time, is investing heavily in renewables like wind, solar, wave and tidal energy generations. The first of these projects to move into the construction phase is Hinkley C, the third reactor set at the site in Somerset in the southwest of the United Kingdom. The project involves the construction of two EPR reactors with a combined power output of 3,200 MW. Construction work on the project began in 2018 with a scheduled completion date of 2023 at a target price of over US$25B (£20B).

Responsible for Marine Package
EFCO UK, working with Kilnbridge Construction and primary contractor Balfour Beatty, has been providing formwork solutions within the Marine package of the project. At Avonmouth, docks the construction of the inlet and outfall heads has been progressing since early 2019. These precast structures will eventually be rolled onto barges and taken to a location off the coast of the main site and lifted onto the seabed to regulate the flow of cooling sea water to the reactors. In total, there are four inlet heads and two outfall heads that will connect to the end of the 23'?(7?m) diameter tunnels currently being constructed under the sea. With each head weighing up to 6,065?tons (5,500?tonnes) and a projected 80-year lifespan on the seabed, the process for construction and tolerances are at a level rarely seen in the construction industry.

Designed to Avoid Through Ties
In total, EFCO UK has provided over 23,680?ft2 (2,200?m²) [330?ton (300?tonnes)] of PLATE GIRDER®, REDI-RADIUS® and SUPER STUD® forms for the project as well as custom transition cones for the central shafts. One significant challenging specification was for all formwork to contain the loads implied from the cast concrete without internal ties that would prove to be weak spots in the structure given the final environment and duration the structures will be in operation. EFCO provided a solution that combined ring compression and internal bracing to restrain the shaft and void formers and externally anchors, SUPER STUD® A frames and bracing. This approach eliminated the need for through ties in the structure. ?

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