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Davuka GRP Ltd

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020 86452556
Mr David Warner
2c The Wend

About Davuka GRP Ltd

Your first choice for Orac Coving and Decorative Mouldings

Easy DIY fit – Strong & Durable – Beautiful results – Fast, direct delivery

Being the UK’s favourite supplier from the world’s premier manufacturer of decorative coving, columns, skirting boards, corbels and ceiling roses, you can be assured of a first class service of a first class product manufactured to the highest European quality standards.

Whatever your requirements, you will find an extensive collection of inspiring designs – from art deco and modern/contemporary to traditional Victorian / Edwardian / Georgian patterns. We even do flexible mouldings (for curved walls) in coving, dado and skirting – something that is very difficult to achieve in plaster or MDF! We always focus on quality and continuous improvement in all areas, whether sustainable innovation, employee safety or environmental concern (nearly everything in our product range is 100% recyclable).

Equally, customer service is of absolute paramount importance to us – we will do whatever is feasibly possible to ensure you have the best possible experience with our service and product.

Coving and Cornice
Coving and cornice are available in a wide variety of styles that can either fit in with your existing decor or help you create something brand new, with profiles ranging from contemporary to more traditional designs.

One of the more frequent questions people ask is, what is the difference between coving and cornice? Most people already know that both are decorative mouldings that cover the joint between wall and ceiling, either to hide any cracks in the plaster or to add architectural interest to what might otherwise be a dull, flat looking room.

Coving is the term that is usually applied to a moulding that is uniform in profile, i.e. it projects across the ceiling, say, 10cm, and the drop down the wall is also 10cm. Coving also tends to be much simpler in design than cornice, and is typically formed around the traditional quarter circle (or “C”) profile.

Cornice on the other hand tends to be more ornate and is less uniform in dimensions (though it could potentially still have the same projection and drop). So a piece could be 150mm across the ceiling but only 100mm down the wall (or vice versa). And the shape of cornice can be very complex indeed, with different “ins-and-outs” and a wide range of patterns reflecting the changing architectural fashions. Cornice is a type of decorative architectural moulding used either externally or internally, to add design interest to a room in order to give it a ‘grand’ effect.

Our Products

  • Coving Profiles
  • Flexible Coving
  • Pre-cut Coving Mitres
  • Trade Supercove
  • Cornice Profiles
  • Flexible Cornice
  • Contemporary Cornice
  • Indirect/Uplighting Cornice

Skirting Boards
  • Flexible Skirting Boards
Ceiling Features
  • Ceiling Roses/Centres
  • Ceiling Domes
  • Ceiling Tiles

Columns & Pillars
  • Internal Columns
  • Half Columns
  • Pilasters
Door Features
  • Raised Door Panels
  • Architraves & Door Surrounds

Wall Features
  • Dado and Panel Rails
  • Raised Wall Panels
  • Wall Lighting
  • Corbels and Shelves
  • Niches
  • Byblos Arch Fascia System
  • Mantlepieces
  • Ulf Moritz Designs

External Architecture
  • GRP Columns
  • External Cornice
  • Entrance Porches
  • Support Brackets
  • Dentils & Corbels


Davuka GRP Ltd General Description

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