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0116-224 0074
Mr Mike Bennett
14 Highmeres Road

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Clean Surface Ltd

Clean Surface manufactures dry ice and dry ice cleaning equipment in Leicester. The equipment can be purchased or rented on a short or long-term basis. Full training is given on each first rental and follow up supplies of dry ice can be arranged at short notice.

The dry ice for blasting purposes is supplied as 3 mm pellets, but for transport and other cooling applications 16 mm pellets are available. Pellets can be bagged to suit the application and to make handling of the product safer and more convenient.

Dry ice cleaning is a similar process to conventional media blasting except that the blast medium (solid CO2) dissipates into the atmosphere during the cleaning cycle. The process cleans without chemical action and is non-toxic and abrasion free. It is used in a wide variety of industrial applications to clean tools and moulds as well as for the maintenance and refurbishment of machinery.

Although dry ice is totally non abrasive to metallic materials and most industrial plastics it will cause abrasion on most building materials. However the amount of material removed is considerably less than would be caused by even mild abrasive media or even some high pressure water jetting processes. The absence of any leftover media to dispose of makes it safe to use in many open environments and the effects created when used to renovate old hardwood beams or masonry can be very pleasing.
It can also be used as an effective graffiti remover as long as there has been no chemical reaction between the graffiti and its substrate.

More information on the many applications for dry ice and dry ice cleaning can be obtained from our Engineers.

Please call: 0116 224 0072

or e-mail the following: for cleaning enquiries for dry ice enquiries.

MPB 12.11.2009
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Why Dry Ice?
Because it is currently the only environmentally friendly way to clean industrial surfaces without abrasion or the use of chemical solvents.

Because the list of chemicals and solvents that cannot be used or cannot be disposed of without costly restrictions will increase.

Because production machinery and planning methods will improve the just in time capabilities of manufacturing plant, and on-line cleaning will be required to avoid costly cleaning stoppages.

On practically all surfaces that are strong enough to resist the forces applied to the surface by the impingement of the compressed air and the dry ice particles, and the sublimation force of the dry ice. The sublimation force, perhaps unexpectedly, can be the stronger, and can affect porous weak surfaces such as softwood, plaster based compounds and materials containing a high percentage of soft filler and/or colorant, as found in low cost plastic mouldings.

Where conventional cleaning causes unwanted changes to dimensions and surface finish.

Where conventional cleaning introduces unwanted moisture, chemical attack or is a safety hazard.
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