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08450 260 956
Brooks House
Coventry Road
CV34 4LL
United Kingdom

About Baxi-SenerTec UK

Company Profile
Created to lead the Baxi Group’s development in sustainable energy systems, the role of Baxi-SenerTec UK is to direct and focus the Group’s activities on technologies which could have a fundamental impact on the heating industry. Primarily these are considered to be in the area of mini-CHP, however in the future this may include other technologies.

Baxi-SenerTec UK offer a dedicated team with extensive knowledge of CHP and heating system applications gained through many years experience across a variety of companies.

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What is Combined Heat & Power (CHP)?
Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is an extremely efficient way of producing usable heat and generating electricity simultaneously at the point of use from a single fuel. CHP offers an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to meeting thermal and electrical demands in many applications.

By generating heat and electricity from a single source, CHP can deliver overall fuel efficiencies well in excess of 75%. When compared with electricity generated from a centralised power station, and the use of heat only boilers, CHP can reduce primary energy needs by up to 30%. This can considerably reduce energy costs and deliver significant reductions in harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2).

DACHS – Features
Developed and manufactured by the Baxi Group company Senertec GmbH, the DACHS is a European manufactured packaged mini-CHP unit based on reciprocating engine technology. Operating reliably and successfully across Europe for many years, the DACHS is proven technology and has become the number one choice in mini-CHP. Over 23,000 units have now been installed by Senertec GmbH, and its partner network.

Key features of the DACHS are as follows;
  • 5.5 kWe gross electrical output,
  • 10.4 to 15.5 kWth heat output
  • Overall fuel efficiency between 79% and 92%
  • Compact, integrated package design
  • Noise levels as low as 52 dB(a) at 1 metre
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 80,000 running hour design life
  • Up to 10 DACHS can be installed in a multi module arrangement
  • Complies with G83/1 recommendations for SSEG
  • Integrated modem for off-site monitoring and control
Baxi-SenerTec UK Branches
Santon Water Heating
Hurricane Way, Norwich, NR6 6EA
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