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01208 72270
Ian Armstrong
Arco2 House
Boundary Road Dunmere
PL31 2RX
England UK

About Arco2 Architecture Ltd

ARCO2 Architecture Ltd is a firm of sustainable architects specialising in low energy and zero carbon architecture for projects across Cornwall and Devon. Our core principles and emphasis is sustainable green building design.

We are an International Award winning Cornish based RIBA Chartered Architects Practice with a unique, innovative, human approach to building design. Inspired by the richness of our environment and a strong desire to preserve it, all designs stem from careful selection of materials, methods and close attention to the needs of end users and their communities. Although experienced in a range of sectors, our architects have particular experience in residential, education and community projects.

As a company of sustainable architects we are committed to securing the planet for future generations, we try to practise what we preach in all aspects of our work and lives. Designs benefit from our own hands-on experience, experimentation and international research.

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Cornish Architecture has a fine tradition of ingenuity, invention and creativity. ARCO2 Architecture Ltd builds on this through a sensitive approach to ‘Green’ design. The company’s primary concerns are to improve the built environment through healthy building, in turn, achieving a cleaner environment and reducing life cycle costs.

Our practice has experience in the following fields:
  • Range of low carbon, sustainable architecture
  • Low tech approach
  • Natural lighting, natural ventilation & solar gains
  • Super insulation within timber frame
  • External insulation
  • Breathing structures
  • Strawbale insulation
  • Recycled insulants
  • Natural materials
  • Bio-diverse green roofs
  • Achieving Air-tightness
  • Zero carbon dwellings
  • Passivhaus/AECB Standards/CSH

Low Tech Simplicity
We believe that building design should be:
  • Repeatable without depletion of resources
  • Efficient in the use of energy
  • Low in embodied energy (materials, sourcing & transport)
  • Affordable
  • Aesthetically inspiring
  • Low impact on environment
  • Beneficial to the local community in terms of resources and skills

Arco2 Architecture Ltd ImageArco2 Architecture Ltd Image

Design Process
We adopt the following approaches to design:
  • Design from the ground up using simple efficient materials and methods
  • Concentrate on removing need for energy input instead of generating more to satisfy existing demand
  • Work on a low - tech, simple and efficient model (reducing build costs)
  • Learn from the past when energy was not so cheap

Design Considerations
In every project we consider and analyse the following:
  • Site opportunities and constraints
  • Aspect
  • Local style, vernacular and precedent
  • Materials selection
  • Individual / local need
  • Potential local renewable energy sources
  • Proximity to services
  • Opportunities for exemplar, inspirational design
  • Integration with and celebration of our local heritage and landscape

Building Process
As an important part of design we try to encourage the following:
  • Design out waste
  • Design around pure unrefined materials
  • Strive to standardise sizes, lengths, materials and processes
  • Consider construction with repetition (including modular)
  • Develop clear strategies for construction waste recycling, reclamation on and off site
  • Design to the local strengths and skills

Arco2 Architecture Ltd ImageArco2 Architecture Ltd Image

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