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3 Linley Close
Old Town
England UK

About Aquaroof

We offer DIY roofing systems that are capable of roofing sheds, flat roofs, garages and more using EPDM or Liquid Rubber. Each system is enviromentally friendly, with the liquid rubber sometimes being used for koi pond lining. Give us a call and make your roof water tight today.

  • No flames
  • No torches
  • Allow Building Movement
  • Total bond to roof
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • New & Proven Technology
  • Speed of Application
  • Simple
  • Elasticity of 1100%

Aquaroof ImageAquaroof Image


We have a two different systems to water proof your roof, both use rubber which is an excellent water sealant and also has the flexibility to allow your roof to move, without breaking.

Aquaroof ImageOne piece rubber membrane
Price from: £10.00 per sqm.
'Glue Down System' Quite simply this system consists of large single piece of rubber that you glue down.

Aquaroof ImageLiquid rubber 'Paint on System'
Price from: £70.00 per 2.5 sqm.
An easy to apply paint on system, that quickly dries into a watertight, flexible but strong rubber membrane which is completely bonded to the roof.

Aquaroof ImageEconomy Trims
Price from: £15.00 per 3m run.
The economy trims are metal edges allowing you to cut and corner them to your size and give that professional look to your roof.
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