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Decorative Resins International Ltd

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01622 725014
Dean Farm,Dean St
East Farleigh
ME15 0HT

About Decorative Resins International Ltd

Spray Paint for Glass (Paintcote)®
Presenting The B.S, RAL, NCS and Pantone Collection
Over 18,000 Colours Available

THE MULTICOLOUR STATION is the revolutionary shelving mixer for the acrylic resin system for colouring glass of different types. The Paintcote range of colours is a two-pack system with the ability to in-house mix any pigments by hand to achieve an infinite range of colours formulated in less than one minute with our world beating software. Paintcote is quick drying, hardwearing, U.V stable and spray applied. Ideal for safety and insulated glass.

The spray is applied at room temperature and dries naturally and quickly. The Multicolour Station gives even the smallest processor the opportunity to produce unique new looks for demanding architects and clients. Paintcote can be sprayed onto monolithic glass such as Toughened, Textured and Float with striking results. Alternatively it can be Resin (CIP) (E.V.A) (P.V.B) laminated after it has been applied, so as encapsulating the sprayed surface, this ability to laminate after spraying eliminates the problem of Toughened coloured laminated glass and the sometimes objectionable clear edge.

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