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01772 600771
Andy Burnett
3 Bamfords Fold
PR26 9AL

About Teslatest Systems

The complete supplier of Temperature & Humidity Environmental Test Chambers, Heating/Drying Ovens and Support Services.

“The Unique Independent Solutions Provider for All Your Temperature & Humidity Test Equipment Requirements”

Teslatest Systems is the UNIQUE Independent supplier of Temperature and Humidity Environmental Test Chambers, Laboratory Ovens and associated equipment and services. We provide a completely independent service and consultation service backed up by our extensive knowledge and experience in temperature and humidity testing of products and materials gained through many years of using test chambers and associated equipment.

We are the Official UK Distributor for Binder GmbH and supply their extensive range of Temperature and Humidity test chambers, Constant Climate chambers, laboratory ovens and associated products. Because we are independent we are able to supply from multiple manufacturers such as Binder GmbH, North American Envirosystems, Imitor Ltd and ESS Systems, and also offer significant discounts on the list prices due to our negotiated discounts.

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  • Homogeneous climate conditions thanks to APT.lineTM double-sided horizontal air inlet
  • Linear, capacitive moisture sensor
  • Wide humidity range up to 98 % R.H.
  • Responsive vapour pressure humidification
  • Automatic water and waste water management
  • Control and documentation software APT-COM™

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For Advice & Assistance
Please Telephone Us On 01772 600771

Test Chambers
Teslatest Systems is able to supply a broad and comprehensive range of equipment that will provide solutions for all your testing needs, including performance testing against Temperature and Humidity and Reliability testing of your products and materials.

Binder MK & MKT Cyclic Temperature Chambers
We supply the excellent range of MK & MKT standard Temperature chambers from Binder GmbH Germany; these chambers are supplied in two temperature ranges MK -40°C to +180°C & MKT -70°C to +180°C. They are designed as fully programmable temperature cycling chambers and have temperature change rates of up to 5.0°C per minute.

Binder MKF & MKFT Cyclic Climatic Chambers
The excellent range of the MKF & MKFT cyclic climatic chambers have all the features and benefits of the MK/MKT range with the exception that they are fitted with a Humidity system for added performance benefits.

Binder KBF & KMF Constant Climate Chambers
The excellent Binder KBF & KMF series Constant Climate Chambers are designed for long term humidity testing of assemblies and materials and the long term storage of temperature and humidity sensitive materials and products.

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Binder ED, FD & FED Drying/Heating Ovens for testing & drying
We also supply the excellent all round Binder ranges of Drying/Heating Ovens for component testing, drying and curing. The come in two versions the ED which has Natural convection and the FD & FED which have forced convection through an air circulation Fan with temperature range from +5°C above ambient to +300°C.

Also Specialising In:
  • Binder VD & VDL Vacuum Drying Ovens
  • NAE AGREE Vibration Chambers
  • NAE Richter Thermal Shock Test Chambers
  • NAE Everest Altitude/Vacuum Chambers
  • TeslaTest Systems Support Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Equipment Service & Maintenance
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Equipment Refurbishment

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