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Blue Waters House
Pottery Road
Bovey Tracey
TQ13 9DS

About Plastic Surgeon

As the pioneer of cosmetic repairs in the UK, Plastic Surgeon has grown to become the UK’s largest national provider of fine finishing, snagging and cosmetic repairs to the building trade, construction, insurance and home owners.

At your service
We can restore everything from scratched shower doors and chipped worktops, to damaged sinks and bathtubs.

These are just some of the surfaces we can repair:
Plastic repair

Vinyl repair
Worktop repair
Kitchen worktop repair
Granite worktop repair

Shower door repair
Shower tray repair

Sink repair

Bathtub repair
Bath repair
Plastic bath repair

Wood repair
French polishing

Veneer repair

GRP repair

Ceramic repair

Enamel repair

Decorative Stone repair
Brick repair
Brick tinting
Glass repair

Glazing repair

Metal repair
Foil repair

Basin repair
Tile repair

uPVC repair
Wall cladding repair

Perspex repair

Meter box repair

Marble repair

ROC repair

IPS ducting repair

Powder coated surface repair

Antique surface repair

Radiator repair

Garage door repair
Canopy repair
Surface repair
Cosmetic repair
Specialist repair
Building repair
Building refurbishment
Interior refurbishment
Building snagging
Snagging repair
Interior building repair

Trusted from start to perfect finish 
This is why people have been calling on Plastic Surgeon for over 20 years. As the UK’s leading experts in cosmetic repairs, we can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings.
Thanks to specialist training, we have a nationwide team of fine finishers who are experts in all materials - Plastic and GRP, Woods and Veneers, Stone and Brick, Ceramics and Enamel, Glass and Glazing, Metals and Foils.
Damage is an inevitable part of the construction build cycle. As deadlines approach, multiple trades are on site, working against the clock, and surfaces get damaged. Plastic Surgeon has extensive experience in working for major construction companies, such as BAM Construction and Carillion Construction Ltd, providing specialist finishing and repairs to almost any surface, including Perspex doors, wall cladding and high-gloss laminates.
House Builders 
We work for some of the most respected names in UK house building, including Barratt Homes, Persimmon and Taylor Wimpey. Our skilled fine finishers can restore damaged surfaces on worktops, shower doors, sinks or bathtubs, and are used to working in both occupied and unoccupied premises, providing a professional, courteous service at all times.
Utilities and Insurance Companies
We also work with major utilities, like British Gas and many insurance companies. We can often save thousands of pounds by repairing, rather than replacing, damaged items.
We can save the private residential homeowner money, time and inconvenience by repairing interior and exterior surfaces. Whether you’ve chipped a kitchen worktop, scratched a glass table top or damaged a uPVC frame, our fine finisher will repair it, carefully matching the colour and texture of the surrounding undamaged surface.



Products & Services

Floor repair

Tile repair

Window repair

Door repair

Shower repair

Worktop repair

Bath repair

Surface repair


Name Role Email Telephone
Josh Wildeman Marketing Coordinator 0345 141 0000

Plastic Surgeon General Description

The market leading nationwide specialist in repairs to damaged plastic, GRP, wood, veneer, stone, brick, ceramic, enamel, glass, glazing, metal, foil and more. Interior or exterior, we repair damage, chips, dents, scratches and burns, saving thousands of pounds on expensive replacements.
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