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Azymuth Acoustics

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Dominic McCann BSc(Hons) MIOA
5 Elizabeth St
M25 1FU
England UK

About Azymuth Acoustics

Azymuth Acoustics
We are a small but highly specialist North West acoustic consultancy offering measurement, advice and design in the field of acoustics and noise control. The company was established in 2001 to provide acoustic design solutions for a wide range of clients including architects, property developers, education authorities and industry.

Our small but dedicated team offers expertise and readily understandable advice at affordable prices. We have the qualifications and experience to collaborate directly with key professions such as structural engineers, planners, environmental specialists and architects. We can advise on individual design issues or follow a project through each stage of construction, from design through to final completion and commissioning.

Azymuth Acoustics is accredited to carry out Part E Building Regulations sound insulation tests via the Association of Noise Consultants registration scheme.

Azymuth Acoustics ImageAzymuth Acoustics ImageAzymuth Acoustics Image

Acoustic design
Azymuth offers a range of acoustic design services, including:
  • Acoustic detail design for architects involved in residential developments for compliance with Part E Regs, BS8233 etc.

  • Detail design in educational, healthcare and commercial schemes for compliance with the relevant guidance.

  • Specification and design of building services for noise control in residential and other noise sensisitve scenarios.

  • Recording studio / critical listening environment design and project management. Custom specification of audiovisual equipment including loudspeakers, home cinema / multi room systems etc. We also have experience in cinema screen room design.

  • Public address and sound reinforcement (conference rooms / lecture theatres etc.)

Airborne / Impact Sound Insulation
Sound insulation from neighbours and the outside world is both desirable and a legal requirement in residential developments, educational and some public buildings. In commercial environments, the need exists for effective control of sound leakage; privacy in offices is one important example.

Azymuth offers detailed specification of sound insulating floors, walls, ceilings, glazing systems, doors and roofs. We can provide a complete service from design, through site visits to ensure correct construction and final testing to satisfy Building Control.

Azymuth Acoustics ImageAzymuth Acoustics Image

Reverberant Sound Control
Control of reverberant sound is a critical concern in a wide variety of building designs. Azymuth provides custom specification of surface finishes and acoustic treatments to allow optimum speech intelligibility and minimise the effect of background noise; this is imperative in classrooms, lecture theatres and conference rooms for example.

Azymuth offers a comprehensive service in creating quality acoustic surroundings for listening to and recording sound and music. A professional recording environment requires effective isolation from outside noise as well as internal elements such as air conditioning. Azymuth work to budget, avoiding over-specification to achieve the right degree of sound insulation and separation.

Azymuth employs computer modelling techniques in the prediction of the likely characteristics of a design and regards faithfulness to the interior design scheme as fundamental in the specification of acoustic treatments.

Testing / Assessment
Providing reliable, accurate results based on rigorous standards and experience, Azymuth offers acoustic assessment and testing for a variety of noise sensistive applications.

Azymuth assessment reports provide impartial, easy to understand information which is useful to both the client and local authority.

We are members of Association of Noise Consultants and accredited for testing through ANC registered tester scheme.

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