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Chichester Stone Limited

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West Sussex
PO19 8ET
England UK

About Chichester Stone Limited

What sets us apart.
Our understanding of engineering and chemistry sets us and our products apart from our competitors. We employ fully qualified engineers who understand the process of protecting building materials.

Dry Treat is committed to the development of innovative and high quality sealing products. Our open-minded approach means we are constantly improving and updating our products as new advances in technology are made. We also stand out from our competitors because we impart technical and training know-how to our customers and partners and have in place an Accredited Applicator Performance Warranty. Future plans include the expansion of our product range and development of key markets overseas.

Terracotta simply means 'baked clay' and it is the production process that transforms one of nature's most basic elements into a tile, which is rich and warm in appearance. Thus the tiles belong to their surroundings; they are indigenous to it.

The word slate derives from the French 'eclater' (to split) and a material usually classified as slate if it splits along natural planes of weakness to form either tiles or flagstones. Slate is primarily a metamorphic rock, made up of compressed mudstones and shales formed underground some 350 million years ago.

Stone is a product bedded in antiquity. The Ancient Romans used to make beautiful floors and since then its strength and simplicity as a building material has been appreciated by architects in every age. There are three categories of stone - sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous; all impart particular characteristics to the space in which they are used.

Jerusalem Gold
Often referred to as Biblical Stone, Jerusalem Gold is renowned for its quality and low maintenance.

This warm, inviting golden stone offers a denser alternative to Cotswold Stone and is proving to be just as popular!

Crema Marble
This ageless, sophisticated marble is a warm, cream colour with occasional veining passing through the stone.

It is extremely adaptable and will look equally at home in a traditional hallway of rural property, as in the bathroom of an urban flat.

Metro Limestone
This pale cream coloured limestone is characterised by fossilised smoky overtones and crystal lines.

It's simple contours make it particularly suitable for a modern setting, whilst its soothing mellowness sets it apart from other stones.


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