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Fibregrid Composite Engineering

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01642 784 748
Ross Carty
Kingston House
3 Walton Road, Pattinson North
Pattinson North
Tyne & Wear
NE38 8QA

About Fibregrid Composite Engineering

Welcome to Fibregrid Composite Engineering - The experts in superior Glass Reinforced Plastic GRP grating products. Offering unique properties and exceptional resistance to corrosion and environmental forces, the range of GRP products from Fibregrid can revolutionise the way you work; whether you are looking for gratings, platforms, handrails, ladders, covers or trenches.

Our broad range of over ten different resin compounds means we can produce GRP Sheet & GRP panels and gratings to suit a wide range of applications. GRP products can withstand some of the most demanding conditions to deliver years of worker safety, low maintenance and offer one of the most cost-effective solutions available.

  • FibreGRATING
    Combining unmatched corrosion resistance with strength, long life and safety. FibreGRATING sets the standard for fibreglass reinforced plastic moulded products. With more than ten custom resins, Fibregrid's products are proven to deliver years of reliable service, even in the most demanding corrosive conditions - conditions which cause conventional metalic and wood products to deteriorate rapidly.

  • FibreWALK
    Fibregrid GRP roof walkway grating (FibreWALK) provides an anti-slip, level, walking surface across roofs as well as a demarcation route which protects the roofs surface from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage.

  • FibrePH
    FibrePH grating is an alternative to maintenance-intensive metallic grating for applications where conventional pultruded grating cannot be used. FibrePH can withstand high temperatures and direct flame while maintaining its structural integrity. The feature makes the grating ideal for a wide range of offshore, marine, transportation and industrial applications. Fibregrid's flame resistant phenolic grating is Coast Guard approved for Level 2 performance criteria.

  • FibreACCESS
    Pre-engineered composite GRP foor gratings and crossover access platforms serve as a more cost-effective, standard solution to meet customer's special requirements that would normally necessitate a custom solution. Fibregrid's crossovers are versatile enough to solve many of the day-to-day needs of most facilities.

  • FibreRISE
    FibreRise allows for installation of GRP grating risers into most buildings. Whether it's new build or refurbishment of an existing building we have a GRP Riser system to meet your requirements. The construction of FibreRISE allows for easy fabrication either at our factory before delivery or on site prior to installation.

  • FibreRAIL
    FibreRAIL provides the look and performance of a custom made handrail system in an easily assembled, cost effective package. FibreRAIL is expertly engineered to use the fewest number of handrail components of any system available facilitating an easier, faster installation.

  • FibreSTEP
    The innovative FibreSTEP fibreglass-reinforced plastic GRP ladder and cage system is designed with ref. to BS5395 part 3. The safety cage is ready for field assembly with pre drilled hoops for fast and easy attachment to the ladder and vertical safety bars.

  • FibreCOVER
    Solid top and open mesh GRP trench covers suitable for general Pedestrian Access of 5kn/m2 and Vehicle access up to 11.5T. Specified by the UK's leading Utility/Power Companies and tested to meet A15, B125 and C250 loading requirements. FibreCOVERS are lightweight, corrosion resistant, non-conductive and maintenance free. Fibregrid can also offer a range of pultruded interlocking deck and slab panels.

  • FibreTRENCH
    The new FibreTRENCH glass reinforced plastic, adjustable width trench box (patent application no 1401475.7) comes in three parts; base plate and two side panels. This allows for the 350mm deep trench unit to be assembled as the desired width, up to a maximum of 1200mm, drastically reducing the space required for both transport and site storage.

From the smallest cut grating order to the largest turnkey structural project, Fibregrid Composite Engineering is the proven fabricator of choice for a large and rapidly growing contingent of discriminating, satisfied customers.

Fibregrid Composite Engineering is a global manufacturer of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products for industrial and recreational use. With processes such as custom pultrusion, open moulding and custom grating grids, Fibregrid has been able to create speciality products for a variety of industries.

Based on more than 30 years' experience using advanced GRP structural products, Fibregrid offers turnkey design and fabrication of various structures using strong, corrosion resistant glass reinforced plastic components.



Fibergrate Deliver GRP Platform For Innospec Chemicals

Fibergrate Composite Structures were commissioned by Innospec a leading chemical manufacturer to design, fabricate and supply a pre-engineered GRP platform and handrail system for their Ellesmere Port manufacturing facility. The purpose of the platform is to allow operatives to gain safe access to the dosing units so they can blend specialist chemicals for their clients. The unit house's drums of Phosphorous Thrichloride which is an extremely harsh acid therefore a non-corrosive, slip resistant material was required in case the drums leaked onto the platform below.

Fibergrate's engineers proposed FiberACCESS a non-corrosive, cost effective, hard wearing & durable, lightweight composite solution which has an unparalleled track record in this type of environment.

Fibergrate's in-house design team and fabrication department worked closely with Innospec's engineers to develop a bespoke solution which was installed with the minimum of fuss, on time and budget to the complete satisfaction of the client.
Fibergrate Provide Northern Powergrid With GRP Staircase

Fibergrate Composite Structures, the UK's leading manufacturer of GRP grating was engaged by Northern Powergrid to design and fabricate a six metre high fire escape on site at Tynemouth Substation.

Fibergrate were able to provide the client with a lightweight, pre-engineered composite GRP staircase. Fibergrate's GRP steps are versatile enough to solve many of the day-to-day needs of most facilities. Traditional material options such as heavy, expensive steel or stainless steel crossovers are often unsafe, costly to ship and install, and difficult to clean.
Fibergrate Deliver GRP Safety Solution At New Testing And Commissioning Facility

Rail Technology leader Bombardier Transportation has recently unveiled its new testing and commissioning facility at its UK design and manufacturing site in Derby, UK. The facility was formally opened by the Secretary of State for Transport, the Right Honourable Patrick McLoughlin MP, in a ceremony held on May 13th 2016, attended by senior rail industry professionals.

The facility on Bombardier's Litchurch Lane site measures approximately 250m by 40m, enabling it to handle four ten-carriage trains.

The work included the construction of four multi-functional train lines, each with full length overhead lines and inspection pits containing a full range of services that will be fully accessible by rail at both ends, connecting into the existing test track facilities.

Fibergrate Composites Structures, the UK's leading provider of GRP safety solutions were approached by principal contractor, Balfour Beatty to provide open and covered mesh grating to various locations at Litchuch Lane.

GRP and open mesh grating is versatile, reliable, high quality flooring and a credible alternative to steel mesh grating. With proven reliability in high traffic areas giving excellent slip resistance it works equally well in all sorts of aggressive and corrosive environments and at extremes of temperature.

Based on more than 40 years' experience using advanced GRP products Fibergrate were able to offer Balfour Beatty a turnkey design, manufacture, fabrication and installation service within an extremely short time frame. Fibergrate's Fabrication Services Group has successfully completed more than 50,000 fabrication and installation projects worldwide.

Fibergrate's approach combined with industry expertise, knowledge, specialist trade skills and hands-on management meant the GRP element of the project was delivered on time/budget and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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