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National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC)

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About National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC)

The NASC is the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK, established in 1945 with the aim of promoting high standards of safety within the industry.

Nearly 80 years later, raising and maintaining safety standards remains at the heart of the NASC’s objectives – driving every activity it undertakes.

This includes the production of a wide range of industry-recognised safety and technical guidance, created to support the needs of scaffolding contractors, their operatives and clients, and accepted as the industry standard by HSE, Build UK, CITB and principal contractors alike.

The same approach is extended to new membership applications, with a stringent set of criteria in place to ensure that the highest working practices are maintained.

We currently have 300+ members, consisting of companies of all sizes, ranging from small contractors with under 10 operatives to firms operating nationwide with thousands of employees on the books.

Cumulatively, our members account for the vast majority of the UK’s scaffolding spend – with a total annual turnover in excess of £2 billion.

NASC members are strictly audited every year to ensure compliance with NASC Criteria, Code of Conduct and the Code of Practice for scaffolding products.

These high standards are recognised and valued by construction industry leaders, who continue to stipulate ‘NASC only’ companies for access and scaffolding.



Increasing Scaffolding Safety

The NASC has published its most comprehensive annual Safety Report – containing accident statistics, analysis and plans to further improve scaffolding industry safety standards.

The 2021 Safety Report shows NASC Contractor members, employing more than 16,000 operatives collectively, reported just 81 incidents in 2020, the second lowest figure recorded. This means that 99.5% of NASC member-employed operatives went through the year accident and injury free.

There were no operative fatalities, for the eighth consecutive year.

For the 2021 Safety Report, the NASC collected more detailed accident information than ever before from its Contractor members. This enabled the NASC to delve deeper into the statistics, identifying a number of trends and common causes of accidents and injuries.

The Report shows, for example, that the main causes of slips and trips were human error (55%), followed by poor site housekeeping and poor ground conditions (both 19%), and that 69% of all recorded operative falls from height were suffered by those in the 31-40 age bracket.

Armed with this data, the NASC is now working towards addressing the various issues identified.
Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “The 2021 Safety Report shows NASC Contractor members continue to work to the highest standards – with just 81 incidents reported. It should be remembered that during 2020 members were faced with challenging Covid-19 related working conditions, with operatives forced to significantly change the way they worked on site.

“Members rose to this challenge, not only continuing to operate wherever possible – in line with Government guidance – but also ensuring safety standards were not compromised.”

Lynn Way, NASC President, added: “Whilst we’re proud of the headlines figures contained within this year’s Safety Report, this publication is intended to be much more than just a line in the sand, an annual yardstick to measure general safety success against previous years.

“It is also a way in which we can learn why incidents occurred with a view to developing ways in which to reduce them – benefiting both NASC members and the wider scaffolding and construction industries.

“To support this endeavour, this year we changed the way in which we gather accident information from NASC members. As a result, this year’s analysis is boosted by a more defined and detailed set of accident returns. This extra information has enabled us to delve much deeper into the 81 incidents reported, identifying potential causes and trends hidden beneath the figures and making recommendations that we hope will lead to safety improvements throughout the industry.”
TG20:21 Now on Sale

The NASC’s updated and expanded scaffolding compliance software is now on sale.

Through the TG20:21 eGuide, users can produce a wide range of standard scaffolding structures in a matter of minutes, without the need for bespoke design.

The latest version builds upon TG20:13, retaining its user-friendly look and feel, but includes a number of revisions to make the process of producing compliant scaffolding – in accordance with the European standard BS EN 12811 – even simpler and a wider range of scaffolding types to make the software even more useful.

These additions include exterior birdcages, tube and fitting mobile towers, tube and fitting loading bays without beams and tied independent scaffolds with three inside boards.

TG20 compliance sheets are now be double-sided with an illustration and principal compliance criteria on the front side and detailed compliance criteria listed on the reverse in landscape format.

Users can access TG20:21 – and the associated and updated Operational and Design guides – via a link from the NASC website using a unique serial number and login credentials.

The software is available on an annual subscription basis, costing NASC members £75 per eGuide per year and non-members £300 per eGuide subscription per year. To ensure the transition for existing users from TG20:13 to TG20:21 is as fair as possible, there is a short period of free use of the new software.

NASC President Lynn Way said: “We’re delighted to launch TG20:21. We’ve been working on this update for a number of years now and I’d like to thank every single person that has played a part in its creation.

“We’re confident that users of TG20:21 will recognise how we’ve taken the best parts of TG20:13, made it much better and easier to use but also kept the original mission statement in the front of our minds – creating a tool that scaffolding contractors can use to produce compliant layouts for day-to-day scaffolding and ensure their scaffolding projects are safe and conform to legal requirements.”

TG20:21 will be supported by a comprehensive maintenance and development agreement, ensuring updates and improvements are made on a regular basis.

For more information visit
Stay Safe at Height With Scaffolding Awareness Training

Tradesmen and other construction workers will soon be able to undertake a one-day scaffolding awareness course at a range of training centres across the country.

The course is open to any workers who have cause to work on scaffolding – such as painters, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers – and those wanting a better understanding of scaffolding operations and has been created by the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS).

It will provide attendees with a greater understanding and appreciation of the potential dangers of working at height on scaffolds and enable them to identify the core components of a safe scaffold.

Delegates will be issued with a CISRS Scaffolding Awareness certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Laura Weekes, CISRS Administrator, said: “This classroom-based course will give tradesmen a basic understanding of what compliant scaffolding looks like and guidance on how they can work at height safely.

“We’re looking to offer this course at training centres nationwide from this summer onwards.”

The introduction of the course has been welcomed by the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation.

Stephen Allen-Tidy, NASC Health and Safety Advisor, said: “The NASC is committed to promoting the highest standards of safety within the industry. Through the publication and dissemination of a wide range of industry-recognised safety and technical guidance – including SG4:15 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations – we continue to drive safety standards upwards.

“This is clearly evidenced in our annual NASC Safety Reports. The 2018 edition saw accidents and injuries recorded by NASC members, collectively employing more than 16,000 scaffolding operatives, fall to an all-time low – with just 89 incidences occurring on-site throughout 2017.

“Through the introduction of the scaffolding awareness training course the scope of safety training efforts is being extended beyond scaffolding operatives, helping to ensure that all workers who set foot on a scaffold can carry out the tasks they require safely.”
‘Step Change’ for NASC in 2018

The NASC has taken a step change in terms of outputs and activities undertaken in 2018, according to Robin James, Managing Director.

Speaking at the NASC’s AGM in Edinburgh on Friday 23 November, Mr James said the confederation has raised the bar in a number of areas and paid tribute to the hard work of NASC members, its Committees, Officers & Directors and President for playing their part in driving the standards synonymous with the NASC even higher.

“Since the last NASC AGM in London, in November 2017, we’ve come a long way,” he said. “Under the Presidency of Des Moore, TRAD Group CEO, there has been a ‘step change’ in the organisation.

“At the NASC AGM twelve months ago Des set out his presidential objectives. Great strides have already been made. This includes greater numbers of NASC presentations and events, greater emphasis on promoting mentoring, diversity and wellbeing with the membership and greater involvement of women on NASC committees and working groups.

“Speaking of which, the NASC standing committees continue to progress significant bodies of work, and I’d like to thank them for their efforts.

“2018 has been a great year for the NASC. We believe we have plans in place to ensure 2019 is even better and would urge greater involvement and engagement by members at NASC regional meetings and beyond.”

Other speakers at the NASC AGM, held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, included Des Moore, NASC President and TRAD Group CEO and Gerry Cooper, NASC President 2010-2011, who gave an overview of entries shortlisted for the NASC 2018 Awards, which were due to be held at the same venue later that night.

TV presenter and former international gymnast Gabby Logan gave the keynote speech.

Des Moore said: “The AGM was incredibly well attended by our members, which demonstrates how much they value membership.

“It was a great opportunity to take stock of what the NASC has achieved in the past year and from a personal point of view, how much progress we have made against the four objectives I announced at the beginning of my tenure as President.

“I am immensely proud of our successes in 2018 and believe we’re on the right track to delivering even greater results in the year ahead.”
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