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Sash Restoration Co (Hereford) Ltd

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Mr Ronnie Salisbury
Unit 6D
Thorn Business Park
England UK

About Sash Restoration Co (Hereford) Ltd

The Sash Restoration Co. (Hereford) Ltd manufacture custom-made wooden box sash windows, single or double glazed, using high quality timber for new build, period, or 'Listed' properties. We have utilised 30 years of experience in cabinet making and furniture design to develop and produce what we consider to be the finest wooden box sash windows manufactured in the UK today.

A more refined approach to double glazing
Unlike many companies, we do not believe in using applied (stick-on) glazing bars. Our double glazed sash windows are made with individual double glazed units, incorporating a 22mm glazing bar. This enables us to retain the visual integrity of a traditional box sash window, whilst meeting the demanding acoustic and thermal requirements of a modern window.

Double Glazed Sash Windows
The Sash Restoration Company have been involved in the design, development and manufacture of traditional double hung box sash windows for almost 20 years. Our aim from the beginning has been to produce a refined yet thermally and acoustically efficient window for both new build and replacement in period buildings. Up until 2008, the finest glazing bar we could achieve (within the constraints of the double glazed units available in the marketplace) was 27mm in width.

Painted windows
We also offer the service of painting the windows to finish in the controlled environment of our finishing shop. This service is optional and the windows can be supplied glazed and primed only, if required. However, we generally find that once a prospective client has visited our finishing shop they have no hesitation in requesting the complete service.

Windows as Furniture
As an alternative to the standard painted interior we have utilised our cabinet making skills to develop the 'Finished as Furniture' option. The Frames and Beads are normally constructed in European Oak, but other hardwoods could be used successfully to give alternative colour schemes. The exterior is generally painted but could be finished as wood. The interior finish is a high build water resistant satin lacquer which is virtually maintenance free.

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