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ScrewFast Foundations Limited

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01727 828098
Danny Jefferies
Unit 7-14 Smallford Works
Smallford Lane
St. Albans
England UK

About ScrewFast Foundations Limited

Leading the field of helical Screw pile Foundations

Highways Screw Pile installation by ScrewFast FoundationsWelcome to ScrewFast Foundations. Since 2000 ScrewFast have pioneered the revolution in screw piling foundations and reintroduced the concept into UK infrastructure. The steel foundations specialists offer a full range of solutions and supply to all industry sectors.

ScrewFast Foundations provide turn-key foundation solutions which include site investigation, design, supply, installation, monitoring and testing. A 24-hour support helpline for all our projects enables you to speak direct to a qualified engineer familiar with your project. A wide range of steel foundations are available suited to any ground type in any location, and by removing the need for concrete creates a considerable time saving generating financial benefits.

Steel-based foundations (helical piles and driven piling) have grown to be recognised and accepted as a preferred option for Highways and Rail Structures, Telecommunication Masts, Electrification and Energy Structures, Marine-based Construction, Eco-Friendly Building, and many other industries.

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About Us
Since the company's formation in 2000, ScrewFast has grown screw piling into a reputable and accepted foundation option for structures within many industries including:
  • Highways screw pile SolutionHighways and road
  • Renewable energy and electrification
  • Rail
  • Bridges, flood defence and retaining walls
  • Telecommunications and GSM-R
  • Buildings and Other Civils
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Highways Helical Piled Foundations by ScrewFast FoundationsThe these sectors continue to benefit from numerous advantages of our steel-based foundations, including:
  • Significant reduction in project construction time, leading to cost savings
  • Minimal environmental legacy; Eradicating 'dig and dump'
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Ease of installation; reduced number of plant and workers, reduced risk to workforce
  • Reduced risk and inconvenience to public
  • Remote locations reached
  • Ease of demolition; foundations quickly and easily unscrewed

A full range of steel foundations are now available to suit any ground condition including rocks in any location.

ScrewFast Foundations Limited ImageScrewFast Foundations Limited Image

Foundation Solutions
ScrewFast's helical piles can be used in all situations where piled foundations would be specified. ScrewFast screw piles can be used in both tension and compression which makes them suitable for many industrial and commercial applications such as masts, large signs, retaining structures, houses and portal arch buildings where uplift and twisting resistance is required.

As the piles displace the soil there is no spoil generated thus no costly removal from site. They are highly suitable for temporary structures and can be easily uninstalled.

Installation of Helical Screw Piles
ScrewFast provide an extensive training programme for all installers, ensuring the helical screw piles are installed accurately and reliably every time. Every trained installer is supported by a fully qualified and experienced design team contactable 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Screwfast in Your Industry
ScrewFast Foundations supply a wide range of foundation solutions to meet the requirements of your individual project. Each helical screw pile or alternative foundation is designed based upon accurate soil testing, site investigation and the loading of each structure.

ScrewFast Foundations Limited ImageScrewFast Foundations Limited Image

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