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Technics House,
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About Technics Group

Technics is a geospatial consultancy with a collaborative approach to providing land, building, utility and BIM surveying across the UK and internationally.

We’re driven by reducing project risk and delay through delivering the best results in surveying accuracy, utility reporting and information output throughout the lifecycle of a construction programme.

Our expertise, customer focus and professional approach is why clients return to us for support with their projects.


Land and Building Surveying
Our Land and Building Surveys provide the digital data needed to identify the critical features on site that may impact on the feasibility and planning of a project.

Utility Surveys
Our Utility Surveys identify assets beneath the surface, in particular the position and depth of utilities, structures and potential hazards that could impact on planned construction projects. Using Electro-Magnetic locators and Ground Penetrating Radar, we can accurately interpret data from the subsurface environment, compliant to PAS 128. Detecting utilities in advance can help to minimise risks and in turn save money for the lifecycle of the project.

Vacuum Excavation
To complement our utility mapping solutions, we also offer a Vacuum Excavation service. This technology provides a low impact, non-destructive solution for visual inspection of the exact positions of buried services using the safest technology compliant to PAS 128.

Ground Investigation Surveys
Our site investigations and reports on the ground conditions of a site, allow clients to appropriately manage risks due to geology and contamination. These investigations are used to provide expert, cost effective recommendations for the construction and design of a project, and help to avoid potential problems from unforeseen ground issues.

BIM Services
Our team of experts can capture data in 3D, both traditionally and with laser scanners, and then produce detailed 3D models of the built environment tailored to the requirements of the client’s project. We can provide support in understanding the value of using valid and accurate data, geometry and information in a format that can be used throughout the asset lifecycle.

Desktop Utility Reports
Our Desktop Utility Reports, play a vital role in planning for any excavation project and are the first step in identifying underground utilities via the collation and analysis of existing utility records. Failing to gather this information to help plan proposed excavation work can lead to potential accidents, lawsuits, time-overruns and expensive rescheduling exercises.

Ecological Surveys
Our Ecological Surveys can help to determine the impact a client’s planned project may have on the environment around it. The findings from these surveys can then be used as part of the planning submission, helping to avoid unnecessary delays with the application.

Want to discuss how Technics can support your next project? Please call our head office on 01483 230 080 or click here to contact us.


Customer Focus… Meeting our clients’ requirements is at the heart of what we do at Technics. We work closely with our customers to ensure we fully understand their projects and tailor our approach to match their brief.

Reliable… We pride ourselves on delivering high quality reliable data to our customers. This ensures that projects stay on track, risks are minimised and that clients have no surprises during excavation and construction

One Stop Solution… From topographic and measured building surveys to utility detection and vacuum excavation… the team at Technics can do it all saving our clients the hassle of having to deal with multiple suppliers.

Experience... We have more than 30 years’ experience providing high quality consulting and surveying services. From major transport hubs to historic structures and landmarks, our surveying team have the skill and expertise to support our clients with their projects.

Credible… We are accredited by the likes of ICES, The Survey Association and Constructionline. We actively support the industry and invest in the latest training and technology methods to raise standards.

Our People… We believe our people are our biggest asset. Our continued investment in training including advanced survey methods and new technology means our clients have access to an expert team.

Added Value… At Technics we don’t just send our clients the data, our experienced surveyors are on hand to interpret and translate the results and offer the advice our clients need.


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