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01392 851833
Mr Mark Lewers
Seychelles Farm
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About Thorverton Stone Co Ltd

Manufacturers of Architectural Cast Stone
Cast Stone is a versatile and cost effective building material suited to traditional and contemporary design. At Thorverton Stone, we manufacture an extensive range of architectural cast stone pieces for use in residential, commercial and landscaping projects, where it is often used in place of natural stone.

We provide our customers, whether architects, designers or DIY / selfbuilders, complete freedom in their work with our bespoke manufacturing service, which includes the use of pioneering processes and materials. Dimensions, colour and finish are all adapted to suit our customer’s needs and we will happily work with and give advice to you on the best ways to achieve your goals.

Our speciality is manufacturing cast stone products that meet our customer's dimensional requirements. We understand that many houses often have a variety of different sized windows or doors that don't match today's standard dimensions. We know that your garden walls probably aren't measured to match a standard length of coping and that your gate piers are built to look good, not because you could only find a particular size of pier cap.

Pier Caps
Pier Caps are the stones that cap piers, or gate pillars. They can be a cap on their own, or be a base for a ball finial, light or other feature to stand on. Our pier caps are usually manufactured to be wider than the pier they fit. The amount of extra width depends on the design, but approximately 50mm on all four sides at the bottom edge is normal. The overall width may exceed this, depending on design.

Coping Stones
Coping stones are used to cap free standing walls. They protect the wall from weather damage as well as giving an aesthetically pleasing finish. They will often match the style and butt up to our pier caps. We manufacture three main types of coping stone, all of which can be made to a variety of widths and lengths. Tell us the width of your wall and we will suggest a suitable width of coping.

Window Cills
Our window cills, or sills, come in two main types. The use of different types of window cill is dependent on the type of wall, the type of window frame and, importantly, personal preference. Our two main types of cast stone cill are known as stooled cills and slip cills.

Thorverton Stone porticos enhance the appearance of a property. Their purpose is aesthetic and they have the benefit of adding financial value to your home. We have six standard designs to choose from, each designed to be built with ease. Our beams are reinforced, our columns are solid and load-bearing with no need for extra support, and our coping stones are designed to fit easily on top of the beam.

Window Surrounds
Choose from our standard single-skin design or our more thermally efficient double-skin surround. Thorverton Stone window surrounds include a combination of cills, jambs, heads, mullions, transoms and label moulding. Mullions and transoms will only be used if the window is a multi light and multi pane window (e.g. split vertically and/or horizontally) and the label moulding is an optional item for any window or door opening, not just window surrounds.

Our cast stone Heads are manufactured to replicate natural stone lintels. Heads are built into a wall immediately above windows, doors and other openings in a wall. Cast Stone heads can be either reinforced* or decorative We manufacture several different designs of head to choose from, and once structural factors have been accounted for, the choice is mainly an aesthetic one.

Door Surrounds
Our cast stone door surrounds may be used both inside and outside a property, with the stonework seen on one or both sides of the opening. Our door surrounds give strength, security and originality to any building.

Quoin Stones
Quoin stones are traditionally built into the corners of buildings. They provide detail to the building and are often made in a colour to compliment the brickwork or render. In addition, quoin stones can provide weather protection and strength.

Garden Sculptures
This range of stunning Outdoor Ornaments - originally designed by The Landscape Ornament Company - are a beautiful addition to your garden or patio. Check out the slideshow and click any picture for details of your chosen piece.

Our cast stone steps are a fantastic addition to your garden, portico or property entrance. In fact, any area that requires them, whether internal or external, will benefit from their visual impact and sturdy finish.

Balustrading is decorative stonework to be used in many places around a building or landscape. From roof tops to portico tops or patio edges to garden steps. Our stone balustrading is a value-adding item enhancing the appearance of your property.



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