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Underground Pipeline Services Ltd

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0121-521 2811
Mike clarke
Park La West
West Midlands

About Underground Pipeline Services Ltd

Underground Pipeline Services (UPLS) provide pipeline services including repair, maintenance and replacement of old underground pipeline systems:
  • Laying and replacement of water pipes, gas pipes, drains and sewers
  • Repairs to pipes, drains and sewers
  • Specialists in trenchless technology
  • Specialist structural pipe condition assessments

UPLS are the market leaders in providing analytical services for assessing the condition and useful remaining life of buried pipes. UPLS performs a complete service including sending road opening notices, cutting out and replacing a sample of pipe, highway reinstatement and structural analysis. The latest ''No-Dig'' specialist technology is utilised to ensure the minimum disruption to clients' manufacturing processes, operations and the general public.
Two new services to perform the same analysis in a non-intrusive and non-destructive way have recently been introduced. These allow UPLS to provide the same high quality service without interruption to customers' supplies or disruption of strategic supply networks.

The key benefits of UPLS pipeline services are:
  • Cost effective renewals and repairs to pipes
  • Minimal disruption to operations and the public
  • High quality data and analysis to assist pipe rehabilitation programmes
  • Focused planning of capital expenditure on renewal and rehabilitation

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Our Products Include...

Systemised Reinstatement
Do you... work in the utilities sector with responsibility for excavations in the highway?
Are you... a contractor working in a utility industry?

If so, we want to frame you!
We think you might be guilty of one or more of the following:-
  • High labour costs
  • Poor quality reinstatements
  • Incurring unnecessary fines for failed reinstatements
  • Overspending on reinstatement materials
  • Larger excavations than necessary

Pipe Clearance Equipment
An Effective and efficient solution for Pipe Blockages
Are you... looking for an answer to the age-old problem of poor supply or even no supply to Customer's premises following repair or maintenance work?

Would you... like to avoid costly investigation work in order to find
the source of the problem?

Pre-lnsulated Standpipe Unit
Solve your amenity irrigation problems!

Fitted with a U.K Water Research Centre approved non-return valve to prevent backsiphonage and comply with Water Regulations throughout the U.K. and Europe, the 'RHINO' provides a SAFE, VANDAL PROOF and ATTRACTIVE solution to all your needs for supplying water for use in Public places.

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