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W Mcgovern & Co Ltd

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0191-438 2783
Andrew Pickersgill
Albion Street
Tyne and Wear
NE10 9SJ

About W Mcgovern & Co Ltd

With over 70 years of experience, we know our customers value sustainable, affordable and beautiful bricks. That’s why we work with them to deliver consistency, drive change and build a better tomorrow so they can design and construct amazing buildings.

We work closely with architects, homeowners, merchants and builders – anybody who wants to build beautiful homes that are sustainable, affordable, and of course, fantastic to look at.

Sustainable and Affordable
Our focus is on supplying bricks that put sustainability at the forefront of what they do, so we can build a brighter future for homeowners around the North East and beyond.

And what use is being sustainable if the homes are unaffordable? That’s why we make sure that we not only provide the most eco-friendly bricks available, but also the most economically viable, so you don’t have to break the bank to build something you love.

Unbeatable Brick Matching
We’ve got the expertise within our ranks to ensure the perfect service when it comes to brick matching. In fact, we are 98% effective, so no matter the project or brick you’re working with, we can make it look seamless with the perfect aesthetic and level of functionality.

And if you need bricks for a unique project, if they’re incredibly rare or hard to find, even if the brick you’re after has been discontinued, we can supply you with something that matches perfectly or is so close it’s indistinguishable.

Challenge our "brick encyclopaedias" today with a couple of photos, and they’ll tell you the brick straight away. Honestly, you’ll be amazed at the knowledge of our “brick encyclopaedic” sales team!

Brick Matching
Because who wants a patchwork house? We’ve all seen houses with a really bad matching brick as the extension, so that’s why we’ve put brick matching at the heart of everything we do.

And that’s not just blind arrogance talking, it’s a confidence that comes with having 72 years of experience in the building trade and having a quite frankly scary knowledge of bricks. It also helps when you’ve got a couple of secret weapons in your arsenal, and by that, we mean Grant, Paul and Steve - AKA our “brick encyclopaedias”.

We work with builders across the North East of England so they can be at the forefront of a great construction industry across the region.

Time is of the essence in the construction game and often, things can change in an instant which means potential deadlines can be missed. However, we stock over 250 brick types in our Gateshead yard so that we can provide you with bricks as soon as possible and avoid delays.

Looking for that perfect brick for your new development? Do you want to consider options for differing house types through your site? Need a specific brick to support you with planning? We’re here for you.

Whether it be a one-off build or a housing site with 100+ units we can assist you with your brick choices here at McGovern.

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W Mcgovern & Co Ltd General Description

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