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Jh (lifting Gear Hire) Ltd

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01795 429476
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London Rd Trading Estate
ME10 1SX

About Jh (lifting Gear Hire) Ltd

Established in 1973 in quite a small unit, our business has grown considerably and we now occupy much larger and better equipped premises.

Our reputation has been built on SERVICE and we can truthfully claim that no matter how small the order or enquiry, it is given the same attention as a large one. Our sales staff have a considerable number of years' experience in the lifting gear industry.

We have the privilege of supplying many large commercial organizations, local authorities and Ministry of Defence departments.

We are full members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association and are subject to stringent annual audits to comply with their regulations. Our staff are fully trained and have passed LEEA courses and examinations to cover all fields of work. A comprehensive Code of Practice for all safe use of lifting equipment is available to all our customers. Price on application.

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We undertake the fabrication of such assemblies as bespoke "A" frame gantries, lifting and spreader beams, Swing Jibs, Crane Systems, Crane bottom blocks both to our own CAD design and customers' specification.

JH Lifting Testing
A full testing facility is available, either at our works, where modern test rigs are situated, 50 tonne horizontal and 200 tonne vertical, or on site with test weights or a load indicator.

  • Hand Operated Chain Hoists
  • Electric Chain Hoists
  • Air & Pneumatic Hoists
  • Pull-Lift/Lever Hoists
  • Portable Hoists
  • Girder Clamps
  • Girder Trolleys
  • Tavelling Trolleys
  • Lifting Beams & Spreader Beams
  • Modular Lifting Beams
  • Gantries
  • Shear Legs
  • Floor Cranes
  • Builders, Construction Site & Scaffold Hoists
  • Plate Lifting Clamps
  • Pile Lifting Clamps
  • Lifting Magnets
  • Block Grabs
  • Round Pipe Grabs
  • Pipe Suspension Grabs

  • Pulling & Winching
    • Heavy Winching
    • Gantry Cranes
    • Cable Drum Trailers
    • Trailer Winches
    • Manual Cable Pullers
    • Electric Winches
  • Wire Rope Sheaves
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Battery Powered Pulling Winches
  • Pneumatic Winches
  • Tripod And Winches
  • Tirfor

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    General Tackle
    • Chain Slings
    • Chain & Components
    • Wire Rope Slings
    • Polyester Slings
    • Machine Moving Skates
    • Shackles
    • Fibre Rope Blocks
    • Roller Crowbars & Pinch Bars
  • Manhole Cover Lifters
  • Crane Fork Attachments
  • Hi-Security Chains
  • Webbing Sling
  • Round Slings
  • Eyebolts
  • Culvert Lugs
  • Stainless Steel

  • Safety Equipment
    • Harnesses & Lanyard
    • Fall Arresters/Load Arresters
    • Shear Legs
    • Winches
    • Tirfor Machines & Blocstop
    • Bosun's Chair
    • Suspension Cages

    Load Management
    • Loadlinks
    • Load Shackles
    • Digital Pressure Transducers
    • Test Weights
    • Compressive Cells

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