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About Jali Ltd

Jali is a bespoke furniture company where we believe in being yourself! With Jali, you can create 100% unique furniture that's yours to the last detail - the perfect fit for you, and your home. You can personalise any of our huge range with a few simple clicks, and we will send you your lovingly crafted bespoke kit. Are you ready to create a truly authentic living space to call your own?

What We Do
At Jali, we do self-assembly furniture, but better: We can provide completely bespoke solutions tailored to your personal specifications, whatever your specific requirements, and we can do it at a price that rivals a mass-produced stock product.

Forget what you thought you knew about flat-pack kits: Our products last for a hundred years, and look like they came from the house of a fashion model or a film star.

Try it now! All our products are entirely customisable. Choose anything and have a go at tweaking the design. It only takes a few moments to get the idea!

  • Radiator Covers
    A Jali radiator cover provides a finishing touch to a room or hallway by transforming an old radiator into an attractive design feature. Because the Jali Designer allows you to produce custom-made radiator covers, you can make your design fit any radiator - even those hard-to-reach ones in corners and alcoves.

  • Cupboards
    Most houses are short on storage space, and we have the perfect answer! A Jali custom-made cupboard can fit anywhere. If you've got wasted space either side of a chimney breast or in an unused alcove, you can now have a cupboard to fit the space perfectly.

  • Bookcases
    Jali bookcases provide a cost-effective solution for everything from a small bespoke free-standing case (at around £50) to an enormous oak fitted library with a deep cornice and adjustable shelving costing around £10,000.

  • Shelving
    Store and display books, photographs, CDs, DVDs, vinyl, ornaments, heirlooms, trophies - anything!

  • Dressers
    For a complete storage solution, these made-to-measure dressers combine a base cupboard with customisable shelving above.

  • Wardrobes
    Maximise the use of your space with the versatility of the Jali made-to-measure wardrobe system. Make your own choice of shelves, drawers, hanging rails, etc. - then adjust all the sizes to precisely suit your space.

  • Drawers
    The Jali range of made-to-measure drawer units allows you to choose the height, width and depth of the unit. You can also choose the number of drawers and even the design of the handles!

  • Doors
    A Jali made-to-measure door is perfect for finishing off kitchen units or for making an attractive cupboard door over an awkward alcove. Because the Jali Designer allows you to produce custom-made doors, you can make your design fit anywhere in the house.

  • MDF Shapes
    Jali produces a wide range of cost-effective simple shapes that are ideal for DIY projects around the home in a choice of 6mm, 18mm or 30mm thick MDF. Thicker shapes are ideal for tabletops or workbenches, whereas 6mm thick shapes can be used as cutting templates for DIY jobs.

  • Pelmets
    Pelmets are a great way to add a finishing touch to any room! Choose any of the examples below and adjust the width to suit the window or curtain rail.

  • Fretwork Panels
    The Jali Designer allows you to design panels and grilles to your exact size and specification, with a choice of over a dozen different fretwork patterns and with a selectable border width.

  • Decorative Shutters
    Creating a stylish and sumptuous look to any bedroom or living room, these shutters offer decorative privacy and a good alternative to blinds for minimising direct sunlight.

  • Skirtings & Mouldings
    The Jali Designer allows you to order made-to-measure lengths of skirting board online. Choose any size up to 3 metres long, and at any height.
The Jali Designer
Our online software gives you direct control over what comes out of our factory. You can specify dimensions down to the millimetre, you can hand-place each and every shelf and vet every doorknob. Everything is yours to play with: choose flutings, skirtings, clearances, pattern designs, numbers and layouts of compartments - anything.

Kit and Boxed Unit Assembly
Jali provides self-assembly kits for you to assemble, because you can't just have our stuff, you have to earn it through some moderate ingenuity and labour. That way you get the sense of satisfaction of having constructed something, and also of not having paid extortionate delivery costs for the transport of a large, bulky product.

Materials and Finishes
We don't go in for jargon. What we make is solid, it's inexpensive, it's high quality and we're not afraid to tell you how it works. All our products are made from MDF. MDF is medium density fibreboard, the product of real trees having been ground up into fibres and blended together with waxes and resins - so it's basically zombie, frankenstein wood. That might sound scary, but it's not: MDF is incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly, since abundant species are used in favour of rare and endangered trees. More impressively, 100% percent of the tree is used, instead of just the big wide bit at the bottom.



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