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About Eliquo Hydrok Ltd

SUDS - Surface Water Management
ELIQUO HYDROK are committed to offer engineers, builders and developers a suite of integrated solutions for water control and storage systems engineered to provide the total solution "Treatment Train" from screening and filtration of surface water to the storage and control of flows back into the water course. The Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) provides a framework for the protection, improvement and sustainable use of all water bodies within the environment, from source to sea. The aim of the directive is to protect and improve the water environment, which includes the prevention of deterioration of aquatic ecosystems where possible, restoring the quality of ground and surface waters damaged by pollution, water abstraction and engineering activities.

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The section of the ELIQUO HYDROK portfolio covering the "Treatment Train" SUDS solutions in the following areas can be read by clicking on the links below.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (commonly known as SUDS) offer an alternative approach to traditional drainage. SUDS employ a suite of techniques to effectively manage drainage at source, all of which aim to detain run-off and release it slowly into watercourses or to ground. Source control techniques are also increasingly popular - such as the use of porous (as opposed to impermeable) paving and 'green roofs'. Traditional drainage practice is designed to move rainwater as rapidly as possible from the point at which it has fallen to a discharge point, at a watercourse.

The use of SUDS to reduce levels of diffuse pollution and flooding is rapidly becoming more widespread in the UK as local authorities and developers see the benefits for water quality and flood management. SUDS provide an integrated approach to surface water design problems, which consider quality, quantity and amenity aspects equally.

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ALPHEUS® - Flow Control Regulators
With increasing demands upon the control of flows within water systems the modern mechanical flow control regulators are now required to provide increasingly accurate and reliable operation.

The ALPHEUS range of flow regulator provides a proven cost effective technique for regulating flows from as little as 2 litres/s. The float activated mechanism of the ALPHEUS range is designed to maintain a constant discharge without the use of external energy sources and reduce the cost of storm water storage.

The family of ALPHEUS flow regulators accurately control discharge flows to +/- 5% throughout the impounding head range enabling, optimum discharge of the storage system. This reduces the volume of storage over most other types of control. It also reduces the footprint of the required storage to a minimum and saving on land and construction costs. The ALPHEUS technology can be configured to provide varying 'stepped' flow rates to cater for discharge from increasing storm return flow outputs, further optimising tank design.

Available in the Micro Drainage Software package.

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APLHEUS-AH - River Flow Control
The ALPHEUS range of flow regulators are frequently used in the control of flows from rivers, streams and attenuation dam structures. As a standard or variable orifice control, it will control flows to the desired pass forward flow rate (PFF) throughout the head range. This optimises downstream capacity and minimises upstream attenuation volumes.

The use of ALPHEUS controls also helps simplify dam wall structures reducing cost of construction.

ALPHEUS units are available in orifice sizes of 100 mm to 2500 mm diameter, controlling flows from 1 l/s to 10,000 l/s.

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ELIQUO HYDROK: BS EN 1090 approved for another year

ELIQUO HYDROK have once again been awarded BS EN 1090 certification for another year running. The certification is awarded for in Factory Production Control (FPC), which is required to conform to the BS EN 1090 standard Execution Class 2, the UK European standard for the execution of steel structures and aluminium structures plus the technical requirements for steel structures.

Structural steelwork and aluminium fall under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which means aluminium or structural steel CE marking must be secured to show compliance with EN 1090.
BS EN 1090 requirements ensure factory inspection and quality from the purchase of raw materials right through the manufacturing process and inspection on final despatch.
Lewis O’Brien, CEO and MD, commented; “It is a legal requirement for any manufacturer of permanent steel or aluminium structure to have a current BS EN 1090 certificate. Our renewed certification to BS EN 1090 class 2 is clear statement of our continued commitment to the safety and quality of our engineering solutions, as well as a pleasing external validation of the work we put into ensuring everything we do is as good as it can be.”
Installing Flow Control Regulators

Regularly working with developers and architects within the construction industry, Eliquo Hydrok supply and install simple and complex flow control systems and solutions for both surface water run-off, SuDS and foul water requirements.

The systems conform to EA specifications and can be provided with ‘stepped’ control curves, this allows and enables for increased discharge rates with increased water levels. In some cases, a number of units can be incorporated in the design specifications enabling optimisation and utilisation of the water storage capabilities within the network.

By working closely with Consultants and Developers when considering the drainage area and the run-off storage assessments/calculations, Eliquo Hydrok can offer specific solutions that may; reduce storm water storage attenuation requirements, minimise excavation, reduce capital expenditure, reduce H&S risks and maximise potential storage capabilities within existing or new assets.

A recent example of a planned approach was on the A14 highways project near Cambridge where 7 flow control units with ‘stepped’ control flow curves were all installed within bespoke control chambers and mounted on stainless steel bulk head walls, linked to detention ponds receiving run-off form the road and surrounding area.

Another installation, for Wessex Water, replaced an existing unit that had been failing at Pond Head STW, utilised an ALPHEUS-AT automatic de-blocking half dry unit, which allows for variable flows with fine adjustment on the outlet. Eliquo Hydrok continue to work with Wessex Water to deliver other units like this one which was also installed for them at Woodborough Road.

Future installations include systems for Thames Water at Coxtie Green Road and Bellway for Anglian Water,

For further information on the Eliquo Hydrok Flow Control Regulators contact Steve Tomlinson, 01726 862000, or visit the website to see what is in our portfolio.
Eliquo Hydrok - A new collaboration adds to the company portfolio

Eliquo Hydrok have agreed an exclusive distribution association with Biogest AG from Germany to bring together their combined expertise from national and international markets for storm water solutions to the UK and Eire.

David Armstrong, MD of Eliquo Hydrok said “with our expansion and ongoing development within the storm water market, there has been requirement for our company to strategically seek to expand and advance our product solutions portfolio. To this end, we are delighted to have formed a new agreement with Biogest AG from Taunistein in Germany. This new partnership enables Eliquo Hydrok to offer a technically advanced range of storm water solutions including flow control units, storm tank cleansing systems and associated hardware. These technologies, coupled with Eliquo Hydrok’s “in house” storm water management portfolio, will enable the delivery of complete solutions to existing and new clients. We now look forward to a strong future with Biogest and to a relationship of ongoing product developments”.

Speaking on behalf of Biogest, Thorsten Neuerer, Sales Director said, “With many years of experience within the UK, we were looking for improving and expanding our UK market, we were looking for the right partnership to help us distribute our storm water solutions in the UK and Irish market places. The meetings with the Dave Armstrong have been very positive which has led to a new sales agreement starting in November this year. The combining of the expertise of the two companies, with their strong product portfolios, brings a single point contact for UK and Eire clients to a comprehensive range of internationally acclaimed storm water solutions from both companies”.

To discuss the available wastewater management solutions that Eliquo Hydrok now offer then visit the website or email to set up an initial discussion, or call 01326 861900.
Eliquo Hydrok present Pile Cloth Media Filtration at EWWM 2017

Lewis O’Brien, Technical Director for Eliquo Hydrok recently presented a paper at European Waste Water Management Conference at the Royal Armoury in Leeds, outlining the successes and performance of the Mecana Tertiary solids and Phosphorous removal plant technology. Investments and continual developments have enabled Mecana and Eliquo Hydrok to offer the Deep Pile Cloth Filter as an efficient technology for the removal of Phosphorous.
Eliquo Hydrok have installed Mecana PCMF technology as part of Phosphorus removal trials throughout the UK, covering a broad range of applications from; pilot scale to Full Flow to Treatment, single and multi-stage systems, following filter works, activated sludge and Granular Activated Sludge, with differing dosing chemicals (predominantly compounds of Iron or Aluminium) applied in differing process locations. In so doing, Eliquo Hydrok have developed a wide range of UK specific process experience together with the participating U.K. Water companies.
The Mecana filter technology was the sole cloth filter included within the UKWIR National Phosphorous removal trials where results demonstrated the excellent performance of the OptiFiber® as a unique separation technology.

Each Mecana installation is designed to suit the specific hydraulic and solids loading in-order-to provide the required cloth area, ensuring the site performance is met whilst minimising the waste return backwash volumes. High filter effluent quality is achieved along with durability of the cloth fabrics. They can be tailored to utilise existing or new concrete chambers, or as a bespoke stainless steel chambers designed and manufactured within the Eliquo Hydrok factory.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 2000 installations worldwide, the original and unique OptiFiber® Pile Cloth is utilised either in a standard or microfibre cloth which ensures performance longevity, reliability and minimal operator maintenance. Many years of development and improvements have produced a Cloth Filter which has proven performance and longevity which cannot be replicated with any other Cloth types. The OptiFiber® pile fibres used are designed so that the removal of solids is maximized in a wide range of particle sizes. The three-dimensional OptiFiber® structure acts as a depth filter offers significant solids holding capacity and requires correspondingly far less backwashing. A wealth of individual fibres offer a large internal surface area.
In principal, P removal by filtration consists of a number of core process stages: dosing, precipitation, coagulation/flocculation, and finally, filtration. However, in-order-to achieve the ultra-low P concentrations demanded through AMP 6&7, a technological step change is required and one which is achieved with the OptiFiber® equipped Mecana Pile Cloth Media Filters.
Hydrok secure Tertiary Treatment Frameworks for Thames Water

Hydrok have been awarded a three year sole supply framework for Pile Cloth Media Filters (Hydrok- Mecana) and the sole supply of maintenance and servicing of Pile Cloth Media Filters for Thames Water.

The Hydrok-Mecana system is a muti purpose treatment plant that is able to be used for tertiary phosphorus removal in combination with precipitation/flocculation as a bespoke design for Ptot consent from 1mg/l to less than 0.1mg/l. This is in addition to the use for; Tertiary Filtration for TSS reduction downstream of humus or secondary settlement tanks (<5mg/l TSS achievable) and for Micro-pollutant ‘Priority Substance’ removal. It is an alternative to fixed film biological treatment humus tanks for removal of TSS and pre-filtration for fixed bed nitrification stages

The Hydrok-Mecana systems can be installed within concrete chambers or supplied as bespoke off-site manufactured stainlesss steel units to help speed up installation and reduce distruption at the plant during the process.

For further information or to discuss your tertiary treatment requirements contact Lewis O'Brien 01726 861900 or
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