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Ian Hall
Units 3 & 4 Kingston Industrial
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About Total Solutions Group

With its five distinct product brands, Total Solutions provides a ‘one stop shop’ for trussing, staging, safety training and temporary roof structures.

  • Total Fabrications - specialising in bespoke trussing and stage sets as well as ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

  • Slick Trussing – one of the oldest and best known trussing systems around.

  • Total Training – providing PLASA accredited rigging and safety training for industry personnel.

  • T2 – The award winning safety truss from Total Solutions.

  • New Wave – Innovative and decorative carbon fibre trussing from Total Structures, our US sister company.

Central control by our highly experienced management and production teams means one single point of contact for clients, regardless of requirements.

Mission Statement
Our commitment to our clients, as our name implies, is total:

We will provide innovative trussing, staging, roofing and training solutions on time and on budget.

Our product range will be continually developed to react rapidly to changing client demands.

Our central management control system will enable us to build strong client relationships.



DLM – Balloon Baskets

TSG were contacted by DLM to design and manufacture a ‘basket’ capable of 400kgs that allows for persons to be able to be winched vertically for an observation ride.

There were a number of obstacles and design challenges to overcome. Firstly, the basket had to be as lightweight as possible. A series of guide wires had to pass through the basket whilst the winch wire attached to a suitable point. The gate needed to lock and the baskets needed to maintain a minimalistic look.

In essence the basket was made up of an aluminium framework with clear polycarbonate sides. The Floor was a plywood supported sheet with the lifting points built directly into the subframe. A series of nylon inserts allowed for the wire guides to run through the framework.

The resulting scheme was an easily deployable, lightweight moving platform that was originally intended for one purpose, but the client has been able to use it in other scenarios and projects due to their versatility.
UK Rigging – Spider Lift at the Leeds Grande Theatre

UK Rigging – Spider Lift

TSG were contacted by UK Rigging to create a solution for the inspection of a plasterwork ceiling at the Leeds Grande Theatre. They wanted to drive a spider lift into the centre of the auditorium to be able to fully inspect all areas of the ceiling from a single position. This would entail the construction of a platform that that could support the spider along with suitable access.

Design challenges

There were a number of obstacles to overcome.

The position that the spider lift had to get to was across the theatre seating.
The centre position could only be accessed from the Stage
The legs of any platform had to sit in specific locations due to the positions of the floor steel work
The imposed loads of the spider in travel and deployed modes.
It only needed to be used once a year

Design Solution

Between ourselves and the client we elected to use a standard truss product that would supplement their inventory as the basis of the platform and bridge access. This product was identified as Slick GS Truss. This provided a maximum strength for a relatively small truss and would add to the clients existing inventory.

This truss structure would then have a series of spanning decks both on the main platform and the ramp to allow the Spider lift to travel to its finished position to allow for the inspection.


With the spider lift having a self-weight of 3,040kgs attention had to be taken payed to the imposed loads for the operation of the equipment. The spider lift would induce a point load of 2800kgs with the outrigger when in the deployed position and have a traffic live load of 700kgs/m2 when travelling. These were all extremely high loads to be analysed that would have an effect on the design of the structure in different places and at different points in time.

The Result.

The resulting scheme was an easily deployable truss structure and had 90% standard components with easy fix plywood clad decks allowing for smooth travel of the spider.

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