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Coppa Gutta Ltd

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0845 050 4570
Rosalie Hoare
19 Bottings Industrial Estate
Hillsons Road Botley
SO30 2DY
England UK

About Coppa Gutta Ltd

Copper Rainwater Systems

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Coppa Gutta Ltd. is the only UK manufacturer of copper guttering. We offer three profiles of gutter; half round, ogee and box together with round and square downpipe, which are all 100% copper, fully recyclable, eco-friendly, easy to install and virtually maintenance-free with a life span of over 100 years.

Our copper rainwater systems have been designed so they can be installed by any competent tradesperson with no specialist tools required. The gutter profiles are joined together quickly and with the minimum of effort simply using our silicone sealant, which has a minimum life of 25 years together with copper pop rivets.

Copper requires no decoration, cleaning and virtually no maintenance other than the removal of debris that may fall into the guttering, meaning that over the life cycle of a building copper is generally the most competitive building material available.

The 0.6mm copper used for our guttering has a life expectancy of at least 100 years. When copper is exposed to the elements, it protects itself by developing a green patina over time, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion in virtually any atmosphere. Unlike other materials copper does not suffer from underside corrosion.

Left to age naturally copper guttering will start to mellow within weeks, changing through various shades of brown and bronze until eventually forming a green/blue patina unique to copper. The time taken for the patina process to start depends on the location of your property, local weather conditions, distance from the sea and other forms of acidic pollution. If you don't want to wait for the patina finish to develop naturally, a solution can be applied after installation that will age your copper gutter within a few hours.

Many customers today want to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their impact on the planet. Copper is the perfect choice for this as it is 100% recyclable and one of the few metals that is fully sustainable, to date only 12% of the worlds current known reserves have ever been mined, with most mined copper still in use today.

Water conservation is also becoming increasingly popular. Copper acts as an algaecide and fungicide, keeping growths such as moss and lichen to a minimum, therefore keeping gutters clear and excellent for water harvesting. Copper also mildly disinfects the water, which is great for putting on plants as it has a balanced pH and is free from chemicals such as chlorine. Copper is a wholly natural material present in and essential to all plants, animals and humans. Unlike other materials such as lead, copper is non-toxic and does not accumulate in the body.

With growing awareness of environmental issues and increasing concern for the health and safety of those constructing and maintaining buildings, copper is more than ever the most cost effective, adaptable roofing and guttering material of the future.

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Company History

We have been supplying copper guttering across the UK for over 15 years now and as demand grew it was decided that instead of importing copper guttering from Italy that we would start a dedicated manufacturing company in the UK.
A new factory complete with specialised roll forming machines, a 2 tonne decoiler, a non ferrous ultra high speed mitre saw, a spot clincher and low amp TIG welding equipment was set up and UK production of the guttering commenced in July 2003.

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We have become very experienced in producing segmented radius copper gutter sections to suit customer requirements. Small sections of the required copper gutter profile are mitre cut and tig welded together to create the radius section. Segmented copper gutters are normally supplied in approx 2m lengths, which can easily be joined together or to straight runs on site.

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Nationwide delivery and export service available
Our guttering and downpipes are manufactured in 2.4m lengths, packaged on specially made pallets or in tubes and delivered by courier across the UK or exported anywhere in the world. We aim to despatch orders within 5 working days, with many small orders being despatched on the day of ordering.
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