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Neil Sandberg
40 Grosvenor Gardens
England UK

About Sandberg

Sandberg is a privately owned organisation able to provide wholly independent professional and technical services to all concerned with the quality and performance of materials.

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Sandberg is an independent private professional partnership founded in 1860, providing consultancy, quality management, testing and inspecting services on construction industry materials, practice and processes throughout the world. National and international clients include consulting engineers, architects, surveyors, government and public authorities, civil engineering and building contractors, property developers and managers, lawyers and manufacturers and suppliers of building materials.

Quality of Service
The Sandberg service is founded upon three factors:
  • Over 150 years of professional tradition which underlies the practice's attitudes and policies and which provides a substantial reservoir of experience.
  • Specialised staff and consultants whose professional ability and integrity is evident in every aspect of their work.
  • Close national and international links with colleagues in universities, research organisations, advisory bodies and others.
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Metal
Sandberg ImageSandberg Image

  • Building Stone
    CE Marking Stone, Stone Tests & UKAS Stone Tests

  • Chemistry
    Cement Testing, Chemical Testing, Chloride Testing, Efflorescence, Hardened Concrete Analysis, Infrared Spectroscopy, Lead in Paint, Mortar Testing, Rock Salt Testing, Screed Analysis & Water Testing and Leakage

  • Construction Materials
    Agglomerated Stone CE Marking, Aggregate Testing, Bricks, Blocks, Flags & Pavers, Concrete Testing, Fresh Concrete Testing, Hardened Concrete Testing, Masonry: Assessing Strength and Condition, Screed Testing & Terrazzo and Agglomerated Stone Floors

  • Geomaterials
    Concrete Petrography, Mundic Concrete, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and X-Ray Microanalysis & Sulphate Attack

  • Metallurgy
    Metallurgical Laboratory Services, Bolt Testing, Metallographic, Macrographic and Micrographic Analysis, On-site material identification, Metals and Welding, Scaffold Component Testing & Tensile Testing of metals.

  • Building Envelope
  • Concrete
  • Conservation
  • Expert Services
  • Geology/Geomaterials
  • Polymers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Specialist services
  • Steelwork
  • Stone Consultancy
  • Sandberg Consultants
Investigation and Inspection
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • Load Testing
  • Specialist Testing
  • Steelwork-Metallurgy

Sandberg LLP places a high value on client confidentiality, following a code of conduct in accordance with the Association of Consulting Engineers of which the firm is a member. Sandberg were one of the first construction materials related laboratories to received UKAS Testing accreditation in May 1985 (by the UKAS fore-runner NATLAS). Its laboratories now have UKAS Testing accreditation for a wide range of sampling and testing services both in the laboratory and on site. Sandberg is also a corporate member of the Institute of Expert Witnesses.

Sandberg ImageSandberg Image
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