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Mr Robert Scriven
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About Electric Radiant Heating Systems Ltd

ESWA is the UK’s longest established electric floor heating system, having been in use in the UK since 1959. ERHS is the distributor for ESWA heating systems in the UK, over 50 years of their electric heating systems expertise has given us an unmatched level of knowledge. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of heating products and detailed customer service.

Determining the best electric heating system for your needs
ESWA systems are in use in thousands of installations across the UK in many different types of buildings. We stock a large range of products, all manufactured to the highest standards, meaning that we are able to offer an effective heating solution for most situations. Our expert design and installation teams follow a set process to determine which type of electric heating system is best for your requirements:
  • Our own in-house design team calculate room by room heat losses
  • We assess the heat output required
  • An individual heating system tailored to suit the specific needs of the project is determined
  • On acceptance of a quote we produce drawings on CAD showing element layouts and recommended thermostat positions

Our fully trained and very experienced installation teams are available to install your electric heating systems if required. Alternatively, we offer a design and supply only service, enabling the selection of another installation contractor, whilst still providing detailed design drawings and instructions for your project.

About our electric heating systems
ERHS design heating systems that are controllable, comfortable, clean, efficient and maintenance-free. We don’t occupy valuable space, so that you are left with absolute freedom for decorating and furniture layouts.

Our electric radiant heating systems work by using the floor or ceiling as a low temperature large surface area heater. This allows them to gently warm the surfaces of the room, and then the air within the room, which comes with a number of advantages over some other type of heating system:
  • Gentle warmth that feels more natural
  • Air quality not affected
  • Humidity levels remain unchanged
  • Superior heat distribution, both vertically and horizontally

Our modern floor heating systems, and other low temperature radiant heating systems, use a large surface area at a low temperature to warm you and the building in a natural and comfortable way. The typical operating temperature will only be a few degrees above the air temperature desired by the occupant of a room. This produces a far more even heat distribution throughout the room, both vertically and horizontally. The nature of the system also eliminates the problems of carbonized dust and dry air and of course there are virtually no convection currents with the problems they can cause. This all adds up to produce a much more comfortable and natural environment.

We specialise in designing two different underfloor heating systems: storage and direct acting.
  • Storage Underfloor Heating
  • Storage underfloor heating makes use of the cheap rate electricity available to everyone on the Economy 7, or other time of day tariffs, to provide a comfortable background temperature at all times. In the winter periods it is possible to use the cheap rate electricity to provide a large percentage of the heat required.

  • Direct Acting Underfloor Heating
  • Direct acting underfloor heating is well suited to modern low energy dwellings, particularly apartments. This type of heating is efficient, space saving and controllable.

  • Undertile Comfort Heating - ESWA Millimat
  • Eswa Millimat is the solution. It is easy to install, maintenance free, quick and easy to control. It is an ideal solution for new build or renovation projects, or anywhere a warm floor is required.

ERHS supplies and installs modern ESWA electric ceiling heating systems that work by using the ceiling as a low temperature, large surface area radiator; insulation is installed above the elements to prevent heat loss upwards. The system gently warm the surfaces of the room, which then warm the air within the room by conduction, rather than over heating the air directly like old fashioned, less efficient heating systems.

Advantages of the ESWA ceiling heating systems
We specialise in ceiling heating installations that offer gentle, natural heat for superior levels of comfort at a lower air temperature, requiring less energy and lowering fuel cost.

Ceiling heating installation
ESWA Ceiling heating elements come in standard sizes and wattages, which are shown on a plan for the guidance and instruction of the installer, enabling the installation to be checked easily.

As the UK’s original supplier of electric heating systems, we pride ourselves in the wide range of heating controls we stock.

Browse our range of thermostats, power regulators and clocks for an overview of what each can offer. If you have any questions about which heating control is best for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer advice.


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