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0115-973 7501
Mr Colin Davies
14 Vickery Way

About Vermaport Cart Conveyors

Our company is focusing on development and sales as well as manufacturing supervising of the VERMAPORT® Shopping Cart Conveyors; and last but not least set up and maintenance.

In the 70ties the first VERMAPORT® Shopping Cart Conveyors have been manufactured and set in duty in supermarkets and shopping centers. By the way, the trade name VERMAPORT® is based on using some syllables of the German words "VERbraucherMArkt TransPORTeinrichtung, meaning nothing less than Conveyors for Shopping Centers and Supermarkets ....

Vermaport Cart Conveyors ImageVermaport Cart Conveyors Image

Our design department stands for permanent development, improvements and implementing of latest technology to the VERMAPORTs®. For sure tasks are being supported by up to date computer systems and CAD software. It is our philosophy to achieve a perfect tuning with shop designers and architects when it comes to introduce VERMAPORT® Shopping Cart Conveyors for Supermarkets and Shopping Malls.

Our experienced sales department will advise you from planning till set up.

Manufacturing of VERMAPORTs® takes place in modern facilities and permanent supervising will guaranty high quality standards.

For set up of the VERMAPORT® Shopping Cart Conveyors as well as for maintenance and service sophisticated crews are available.

Would be a pleasure for us to be at your service.

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VERMAPORT® SC Shopping Cart Conveyors
The one and only VERMAPORT® SC Shopping Cart conveyor has for over 30 years been safely, quickly and efficiently transporting shopping carts and trolleys in multi-level stores and shopping centers. Customers use the SC without the need for supervision or direction from store personnel.

The cart or trolley is simply inserted into the VERMAPORT®, in either the up or down direction, while the customer travels on an adjacent escalator. Upon arrival at the next level, the customer retrieves the cart and is thereby able to navigate the entire store, floor-to-floor, without any interruption of their shopping experience.

Vermaport Cart Conveyors Image

The VERMAPORT® LC Luggage Cart conveyor is based on the same engineering principles as our VERMAPORT® SC Shopping Cart conveyor and it represents a revolution in the way that people navigate today's modern multi-level airport terminals.

The fully loaded baggage trolley is simply inserted into the VERMAPORT® LC while the passenger travels alongside on an adjacent escalator. Upon arriving at the next level, the passenger retrieves the cart and is thereby able to fully navigate the entire terminal. The restrictions that once prevented passengers from visiting other terminal levels for shopping, dining or departure/arrival are now a thing of the past.

Vermaport Cart Conveyors Image

VERMAPORT® RS Empty Cart Return System
The VERMAPORT® RS Luggage Cart Return System is used by airport terminal personnel for the quick and simple collection and transport of abandoned baggage trolleys in departure or arrival levels. The VERMAPORT® RS is an integrated system of "feeding" and "retrieval" stations that represent an ideal way to manage loose and abandoned carts and trolleys throughout any modern airport terminal.
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