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Swinton Electro Plating Ltd

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01617 940155
Mr Stuart Logan
Royal Oak Works
Oak Street
M27 4FL
England UK

About Swinton Electro Plating Ltd

Swinton Electro Plating Ltd has over 50 years experience in hard chrome, electroless nickel plating and refurbishing services, supplying globally from here in the UK.

Our surface engineering plant has a massive, 8500mm deep Hard Chrome plating facility – one of the deepest in Europe!

We provide a Worldwide service utilising our quality Hard Chrome plating plant and a large Electroless Nickel facility which gives a high corrosion-resistant metal finish.

UK based metal finishers specialise in the following industries:
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Hydraulic Industry
  • Textiles and Paper
  • General Engineering

All our metal finishing is done in-house by Cylindrical Grinding, Polishing & Heat Treatment; we use Grit Blasting to produce the surface finish of choice.

Our metal finishers company is situated near Manchester, our metal finishing business is well connected with the rest of Greater Manchester, via the M60 motorway, which gives us access to the UK and beyond.

We have the capacity to handle any job with ease
Our 8500mm deep hard chrome plating facility means we can take on almost any job, and we treat every project with the same care and attention, from small pieces up to the largest. So no matter what your requirement is, you can be sure of quality work when you come to Swinton Electroplating.

Hard Chrome Plate
Dedicated to providing quality surface finishes, our highly efficient Hard Chrome Plating Plant offers facilities for plating components within a size range of, length 8407mm with diameters up to 1200mm and 2000mm x 2000mm with lifting capacities up to 5 tonnes.

The facility has enabled us to deposit Hard Chrome on components of unusual proportions for numerous industries including Hydraulics, Textile Machinery, Oil and Gas, Paper, Plastic Moulding and Engineering in general.

Electroless Nickel
Our plant consists of dual plating stations which have been developed specifically for the deposition of high quality, high corrosion resistant electroless nickel coatings.

Our high quality plant enables us to deliver a huge range of projects, both in size and complexity. We have the capacity and the expertise to deliver quality finished product to any level of requirement.

Refurbishment Services
At Swinton we’ve invested heavily in our business, including a large capacity, 8500mm deep Hard Chrome Plating facility. Our facilities can easily return engineered components which are subject to wear and/or corrosive conditions within both the oil & gas and engineering industries to production use. We achieve this at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

Quality Control
Our comprehensive knowledge and years of practical experience are backed by our reputation for high quality and efficient service which is maintained by stringent quality control, in house laboratory facilities and effective production control.

Cylindrical Grinding
These Cylindrical Grinders also offer the facilities available to new customers who may not have a need for plating services, but are in need of a high quality machining source. When you work alongside us we always provide an exceptional level of service, whether you’re a returning customer requiring ongoing plating services, or whether you’re a new customer who requires a reliable, cost-effective and experienced machining source, based right here in the UK.

Our dedicated team provides the finishing touch to our own range of coatings.

As this often needs a preparation of the parts being coated, we have built up a knowledge and experience in handling all types of metallic components.

Reviews & Testimonials for Swinton Electro Plating Ltd

5 star review
October 17, 2019
"Other nearer contractors did not meet the quality standards, good reputation and your commitment."
Testimonial by
Oil and Gas OEM and Repairs
5 star review
September 08, 2019
"Long established trade partners, quality of the end product and Swinton Electro Plating’s knowledge of our product."
Testimonial by
Power Generation
5 star review
September 01, 2019
"Capability to process large items and multiple processes."
Testimonial by
Paper Converting Equiptment
5 star review
August 06, 2019
"We needed to react and respond quickly to a customer requirement and all the people at Swinton who were involved more than matched the challenge that was presented."
Testimonial by
Oil and Gas OEM
5 star review
July 02, 2019
"High quality processes with good technical back up, long standing historical involvement and good people to work with at all levels"
Testimonial by
5 star review
July 02, 2019
"Capability for repair of base materials when needed and easy transport capabilities."
Testimonial by
Oil and Gas Drilling Operations
5 star review
May 27, 2019
"Excellent communication and knowledge."
Testimonial by
General Engineering
5 star review
May 12, 2019
"We are really happy with the results of the plated gears and components. You were 100% right regarding the Electroless Nickel plating as opposed to the hard chrome at a fraction of the cost."
Testimonial by
Railway Systems
5 star review
April 06, 2019
"Competitive prices and good quality chroming."
Testimonial by
Tool and Die
5 star review
March 03, 2019
"Your understanding of our product and competitive prices."
Testimonial by
Precision Tooling
5 star review
February 01, 2019
"Magnificent efforts, delivered tools in record time!"
Testimonial by
Rubber Mould Tooling
5 star review
October 05, 2018
"You really pulled me out of a hole, and now I know who I can rely on!"
Testimonial by
General Engineering
5 star review
August 08, 2018
"Quick turn around, and really impressed with the way the tools were packaged, a lot better than other companies."
Testimonial by
Rubber Mould Tooling
5 star review
March 11, 2018
This company did excellent work for us. The Chrome finish was impeccable on our presentation axe. What a helpful and friendly group of people. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to them and would strongly recommend them to anyone you requires metal processing of the finest standard.
Testimonial by
Swinton Electro Plating Ltd. 5 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.



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