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About MSite™

Designed for the Construction industry, MSite is a biometric construction site access control system that uses worker identity and skills information to manage your site effectively and make it a safer place to work.

Modular Biometric Access Control
MSite is a modular site access control system that uses full height turnstiles and biometric hand scanners to ensure that only accredited and inducted workers are permitted on site. It provides time and attendance reporting to ensure efficient workforce management.

Accreditation Management & Automatic Restrictions
MSite reports against all accreditation cards for employees and automatically locks them out of site if they expire. This means you can ensure and prove only properly accredited and inducted staff have been allowed on site, without the management overhead.

Sub-Contractor Management & KPIs
MSite provides the tools to enable you to effectively manage your sub-contractors to ensure that they are delivering to agreed KPIs with regards to Health & Safety, Sustainability and Diversity for example, whilst also enabling accurate sub-contractor payments based on their actual time on-site.

Where you need it, how you need it, when you need it.
Whatever shape your construction site takes, MSite’s flexible modular deployment options are designed to be mixed and matched to provide total coverage, from groundworks to fit-out.

MSite Pod
Zero to best-in-class in under 5 hours. Designed for construction sites with a secure perimeter, the MSite Pod is a small, portable unit housing a full height turnstile, biometric access control hardware and roller shutters. Securing your site has never been this quick and easy.
  • Increased flexibility - easily relocated should the site perimeter move
  • Plug and Play capability - only requirement is power - we provide communications
  • No need for groundworks
  • Additional security through lockable shutter

Powerful, Construction Specific, Anywhere
Designed specifically to make construction sites a safer place to work, MSite boasts a flexible web-based design that allows it to run on any web-enabled device, including your existing smartphones or tablets. We see this is a perfect marriage of technological advancement and developing challenges in the industry, as construction professionals are continually encouraged to leave the confines of their traditional ‘laptop in office’ setting and get out on site. MSite allows you to do this with the reassurance of making informed decisions against the right information, wherever you are.
  • Construction Specific - built to make construction sites a safer place to work
  • Any device - runs on any web-enabled device, including your existing tablet or smart phone. No need to buy a special device from us
  • Incident Logging & Reporting - run a penalty system and invoke restrictions automatically
  • ISO 27001 secure cloud hosting - mitigate cyber-threat risks, comply with your company data security policies and minimise your IT team involvement
  • Your company branding - MSite is designed to accommodate your logo and colour scheme

Why its better

Modular design
We are the only company to offer a completely modular, rapid deployment solution, designed and built from the ground up for the construction industry. You order a Pod, we drop it off. It's that simple.

Guaranteed security
Our secure cloud hosting ensures your data is always safe. We use best-in-class hosting services, also used by the leading names on the internet, and can promise that your data is backed up and securely accessible from anywhere, any time.

We do it all
Unlike many alternative suppliers, we design, build, install and maintain the entire MSite system ourselves, here in the UK. We hear countless problems from sites where a supplier has installed a system from a 3rd party and are later unable to support it effectively.



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