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Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited

Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited Contact Details

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Kevin Cornfoot
PO Box 265,
Herne Bay
England UK
Opening Hours
08:00 am-06:00 pm
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About Ferrari Fan Technology (UK) Limited

Ferrari Fan Technology UK is a specialist industrial fan supplier. We are the UK and Ireland representatives for F.lli Ferrari Ventilatori Industriali S.P.A. who produce their fans in a modern high-tech facility in Italy.

Ferrari - Industrial Fan Technology from Muvistudio on Vimeo.

Ferrari Fan Technology UK is a company dedicated to supplying you with the right fan for your application, and to provide you with the assurance that our fans will be of the highest quality and reliability.

Our product range:
Our range of industrial fans include direct and belt driven Centrifugal fans, Plug fans, and Axial fans.

Our products are suitable for ventilation in HVAC and industrial process applications, for clean air, dirty air or particulate environments. They can be used as Blowers, Exhaust fans, and Forced Draught fans.

Centrifugal fans
  • forward and backward curved impeller blades
  • ranging from 250mm to 2,000mm diameter.
  • for air volumes up to 150m3/s (5,400m3/h)
  • for pressures of up to 2,500mm wg (25,000 Pa)
  • 'gas tight' versions for aggressive environments
  • temperatures up to 450 degrees continuous are possible
  • in standard steel, 2 grades of stainless steel and special materials

Plug fans
  • backward curvec impeller blades
  • ranging from 350 to 1250mm diameter
  • for air volumes up to 125m3/s (4,500m3/h)
  • for pressure of up to 400mm wg (4,000Pa)

Axial fans
  • ranging from 200 to 2000mm diameter impellers
  • up to 100m3/s (36,000m3/h)
  • pressures up to 300mm wg (3,000 Pa)
  • aluminium impellers in steel casing
  • stainless steel impellers

Smoke fans
  • F300/F400/F600 fans conforming to EN12101-3
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Axial Fans
  • Jet Fans
  • staircase pressurisation fans

In addition to our industrial fans we supply a comprehensive range of fan accessories, these include inlet and discharge flanges, flexes, guards, anti-vibration mounts, inlet guide vanes, silencers, dampers and inlet filters.


Products & Services

Centrifugal Fans

Axial Fans

Plug Fans

Smoke Fans

Roof Fans

Atex Fans

High Temperture Fans

Low Temperture Fans


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