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021 4772005
Brendan Wilson
Barrack Green
Co Cork
P17 FE80

About Graepel Perforators & Weavers Limited

Graepel Perforators and Weavers Ltd
Graepel Perforators and Weavers Ltd has been supplying perforated metal and woven wire products to the market for over 50 years. Throughout the past two years Graepel has invested substantial money in the company to secure its place within the industry. Investments have been made in new software, new perforating and fabricating equipment. These new additions to the company enhance Graepel's ability to produce more complex products, more efficiently.

The new software includes new computer systems to improve customer service and new 3D design software to allow Graepel to work with customers to develop product drawings and solutions. On the floor, investments in new perforating and fabrication equipment increases Graepel's ability to produce more complex products. Their new state-of-the-art levelling equipment allows them to flatten the more difficult specifications, which traditionally would have been a challenge. Graepel can perforate sheets up to 2m wide and 4m long from 0.5mm to 25mm thick in a variety of materials.

Graepels perforate a wide range of round, square, slotted, decorative and unusual shaped holes on special requests. Graepels also manufacture a range of woven meshes and industrial flooring for a range of industries.

Graepel Perforators & Weavers Limited ImageGraepel Perforators & Weavers Limited Image

Graepel's core products have a variety of uses including balustrades, balconies, cladding and ceiling tiles. The possibilities are endless and provide a contemporary finish to any design.

Graepels specialise in fabricating bespoke perforations a wide variety of patterns and images can be punched into metal sheets. The end result is a highly innovative product that has a limitless amount of uses, such as cladding, decorative paneling,exhibition stands, ceiling tiles, ventilation grilles etc.

Graepels Picture Perf product takes the pixels of the picture or vector image and perforates them using a series of different perforation sizes, which when perforated displays an image of the picture. The possibilities are endless. The end result is a unique perforated product that looks great and works well with lighting.

Graepel Perforators & Weavers Limited Image

Graepels maintain a culture of innovation and has always worked closely with customers to meet their requirements providing value and expertise to get the job done.

Graepel also supplies welded mesh, woven wire mesh, balustrade infill, ceiling tiles, handrails, profiled edging, steel flooring, and staircases etc.

Contact Graepels;
Cork +353 (0) 21 4772105 or email
Dublin +353 (0) 1 450 9955
Belfast +44 (0) 28 90484800
Warrington UK +44 (0) 1925 229809

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Graepel Perforators & Weavers Limited ImageGraepel Perforators & Weavers Limited Image

Our Products
Perforated Metal
Graepel Perforated Metal is known for its exceptional quality and durability. We make it exactly to your specifications.

Picture Perf
Using different hole sizes, Picture Perf allows us to perforated detailed images into sheet metal. It allows us to blend artistic vision with any other, tangible requirements of the metal such as safety or security.

Rubber & Polyurethane Screens
Rubber & Polyurethane Screens are used for filtering materials not suitable for metal screens.

Safedeck Anti-Slip Flooring
Safedeck Anti-Slip Flooring is a secure and safe choice where extra grip is necessary. There are eighteen different types; modified to suit an array of applications including industrial areas, public gardens and marine walkways (with extra drainage).

Graepel provide a range of trommels screens for the quarrying and recycling industries. High tensile and stainless steel mesh trommels and perforated screen plate are all available.

Woven Mesh
High Tensile Woven Wire Mesh is made in many sizes and patterns. Different meshes can be created by including or omitting wires in both directions and changing the crimp patterns of the wire.




Designed with safety and slip resistance in mind, Safe Deck Steps and Flooring have an extensive array of applications and provide a safe and comfortable walking surface in any environment. This product is particularly suited to UK and Irish terrains where safety is paramount in the often slippery conditions of areas such as mines and quarries, public walk ways, marina areas and much more.  Established in 1959, Graepels have fabricated high-quality perforated metal steps and flooring for both the industrial and architectural industries for more than fifty years in the UK and Ireland. Safe Deck metal flooring is the ideal choice for catwalks, stair treads, walkways, platforms, ladder rungs and steps. In addition, this innovative anti-slip flooring has been utilized in applications such as cladding, fire escapes, balconies, bridges and balustrade infills.
Graepels offer Safe Deck flooring in more than twenty patterns, ensuring that the product can be used in a diverse range of applications. Similarly, Safe Deck metal ladder rungs are offered in nine patterns to suit any project. However, if you have special requirements for anti-slip flooring, please get in touch as bespoke metal flooring can be designed to meet your needs. As bespoke metal fabricators in the UK and Ireland, Graepels offer Safe Deck in an extensive range of materials and finishes, ensuring that increased functionality never leads to the loss of aesthetics. Furthermore, it means the product can be tailored to meet the precise specifications of your project.
Safe Deck perforated metal decking was utilized to great success at Brighton Marina, UK. When planning the walkway, key concerns related to the high slip potential of the marina. Safe Deck safety flooring and anti-slip steps were chosen for the project, as they provide both a safe and comfortable walking surface for pedestrians. Safe Deck steel walkways also allow for water drainage through its metal perforations, making it the perfect choice for water-side projects.
With its highly versatile properties, Safe Deck may also be used in various architectural applications including metal cladding and curtain walls. Safe Deck Light Profile is an ideal choice for areas which require a high open area, as it provides increased air flow for areas which require ventilation such as car parks. Safe Deck Light Profile has a high open area of 74% to 80%.

See something you like? Give us a call on +353 (0) 21 4772105 from Ireland or +44 (0) 1925 229809 from the UK and we will be happy to discuss your project in more detail.
Hooked on a feeling

We’re feeling great! Why? We recently completed an iconic Picture-Perf portrait of boxing champion Michael Conlan, which has been displayed at the window of his amateur club, Clonard A.B.C.!


We are delighted to have worked with McGurk Architects and JPM Contracts on this striking 6m x 4m portrait, which honours the success of boxing champion Michael Conlan.

This spectacular Picture-Perf portrait was fabricated through utilising CNC technology. Picture Perf is metal design at its finest, offering a unique approach to perforating metal with a wide variety of architectural applications. The image was formed by punching four perforation sizes into 21 galvanised metal panels. This added intricate shading and depth to the portrait.

Today, Michael Conlan’s image stands proudly at the window of his amateur club, Clonard A.B.C., and we are delighted to have worked on this fantastic project.


Booterstown is a coastal town, situated close to Dun Laoghaire, about 7 km south of Dublin City. Graepels Straight Wire Mesh and Perforated Metal are used throughout Booterstown Dart Station which boasts some stunning views out onto the Harbour.

Graepel Mesh

The architectural application of wire mesh in public spaces such as the Dart Stations, pedestrian bridge are advantageous, because of the high visibility through the mesh. The open area means the clear visibility hinders people from loitering on the bridge thereby increasing security and deterring vandals.

The aesthetic advantages is its ability to maximize the views while fulfilling its functional purpose of creating a durable, secure pedestrian bridge.

Both ends of the bridge the view are framed geometrically by the hexagonal framework of the bridge, while the glass balustrade allows views of the Irish Sea to remain unobstructed

Woven Wire Mesh graepels

The Wire Mesh Panels were manufactured in 3 mm thick stainless steel 316 quality. The Mesh panels were supplied in sections, each box section was then bolted onto the hexagonal steel frame of the bridge. At one end the panels were folded around a steel frame and welded with staggered tensioning bolts at regular intervals. The other end of the panels were folded for rigidity at the point where the panels joined.

Graepels straight wire mesh

Due to the span of each panel in relation to the thickness of the wire the panels could potentially flex. The solution to this was to create a bolt system, for each box section to secure them onto the hexagonal stainless steel frame. Once the wire mesh panels were bolted into place, the entire frame increased in strength and durability.

The bright annealed wire, creates a ‘shiny’ finish which means the wire is self cleaning, however, due to the local climate the panels need maintenance, albeit minimum maintenance, to ensure the wires do not stain.

Architectural Mesh


Booterstown Dart station combines a variety of ‘metal styles’ such as Wire Mesh, Perforated Metal and Welded Mesh.

Perforated Metal is used throughout the station, in Balustrade infill, each Perforated Stainless steel sheet is clamped behind a flat strip of stainless steel and secured in place.

Perforated Stainless Steel Balustrade Infill

Perforated Metal has many advantageous qualities, particularly in public spaces, due its strength and durability. Perforations also act as an excellent wind and weather barrier while remaining aesthetically pleasing, particularity when lit up at night as the light disperses through the perforations. For more information on Perforated Balustrade infill click here.

Stainless steel Perforated Mesh

For more information on Straight Wire Mesh or any other products contact or alternatively check out our Woven Wire Mesh product section on our w
Products & Services

Woven wire mesh

Perforated metal



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